MLB has updated some of their mobile games

Posted April 5th, 2016 at 10:15 am

MLB Perfect Inning 16

Coinciding with the start of the season MLBAM has released updates to some titles in their suite of baseball games for mobile devices.

MLB Perfect Inning (iOSAndroid) is a free-to-play game built on the team-building model with a Season Mode and slate of games to play based on that day’s real-life schedule. New in MLB Perfect Inning 16 are Black Edition players, enhanced graphics, Coach and Manager System, and career missions. Home Run Derby (iOS) is a free-to-play game and now features the new format for the Derby of bracket-style timed rounds. Also new is Petco Park where the All-Star Game takes place this season. The game has not been updated yet to Home Run Derby 16 on Android.

RBI Baseball 16 (iOSAndroid) sells for $5 and is said to offer more balanced gameplay due to revamped defensive AI, improved batting engine and reworked pitching strategy.