New pack in MLB The Show 16 goes heavy on speed and introduces some new cards

Posted May 13th, 2016 at 5:15 pm


The fourth special pack to release during the regular season is now available for a limited time in MLB The Show 16. For 3,000 Coins it contains six player cards for a chance at some of the fastest players in the game and a “doubled chance” at Gold and Diamond cards.

As with the first three packs it’s questionable whether anyone should risk their coins on these given the nature of the supposed increased odds, not having the two item cards found in standard packs, and being three times the price. If these packs were priced more reasonably say around 2,000 it would probably be worth the gamble. While taking a chance on them can pay off there are no guarantees. The smarter move likely remains buying more of the standard packs instead or just spending directly on cards in the Marketplace.

There are also five player cards that debut through the packs. You can check out who they are, their ratings, and current marketplace values over at Hit The Pass.