Gran Turismo Sport to release in November

Posted May 19th, 2016 at 3:30 pm


Today Sony officially announced Gran Turismo Sport will release November 15 for PlayStation 4. The game, which acts as a spin-off from Gran Turismo proper, will be the first appearance for the series on PS4. Gran Turismo 7 is in development and likely to release late 2017.

GT Sport is the world’s first racing experience to be built from the ground up to bring global, online competitions sanctioned by the highest governing body of international motorsports, the FIA (Federation International Automobile). Create your legacy as you represent and compete for your home country or favorite manufacturer through multiple race classes, including GT3, Prototype, Rally, and more.

The pre-order incentive has also been revealed and includes a 3-car pack (Ford Mustang Group B Rally Car, Toyota FT-1 Vision GT Group 3, Peugeot 908 HDi FAP LMP1). Additional bonuses are based on retailer, with Gamestop offering up a few more cars, Amazon with $500,000 in-game credit, and the PlayStation Store with the credit bonus, theme and avatars.

Both the $60 standard and $70 limited editions are available to pre-order now on Amazon and Prime members will get them for 20% off. The limited edition of Gram Turismo Sport for the $10 extra includes a GT Sport Starter Pack (8x Cars), $1 million in-game credit, Livery Sticker Pack, 30 avatars, and limited edition steel book.