MLB The Show 16 roster update details for week 10

Posted June 17th, 2016 at 5:45 am


It’s starting to become a little more difficult to determine exactly what’s going on with the roster updates to MLB The Show 16. There are players who have clearly needed to drop for a long time who haven’t, and others who long ago earned upgrades but continue to be ignored.

One example of the former is Giancarlo Stanton. He has remained at 93 Overall all season despite batting .193 and he’s getting worse by the month. He hit .173 in May and .116 through the first half of June.

Someone to look at who inexplicably hasn’t gone up is Dae-Ho Lee who has been stuck at 63 Overall since being introduced to the game. He’s batting .298 and hitting a home run every 11 at-bats (which would lead the league if he just had more plate appearances). Despite that, and 323 homers in Korea, he sits in the 50s in all of the Contact and Power categories and in the 40s with the other hitting attributes.

The only player rated in the 90s to move this week is Manny Machado, who gains a point to 97 Overall but had no adjustment to his actual attributes. The move from 3B to SS as his primary position accounts for the change to his Overall.

Notable upgrades and downgrades include Zach Britton (+3 to 90), Will Harris (+2 to 86), Kyle Seager (+3 to 85), Salvador Perez (+3 to 85), Brian McCann (-3 to 84), Eduardo Nunez (+4 to 83), Steven Wright (+4 to 82), Trevor Rosenthal (-4 to 82), Danny Duffy (+4 to 80), Junior Guerra (+10 to 77), Chris Herrmann (+7 to 73), and Ryan Rua (+10 to 72).