Three new fighters added to EA Sports UFC 2, but Brock Lesnar isn’t among them

Posted June 27th, 2016 at 12:30 pm


A new patch went out for EA Sports UFC 2 today that added three more fighters to the roster. That makes it 12 total that have been added post-release to what was an already immense roster when it first came out in March. The fighter most fans were hoping would make it in, with return of Brock Lesnar for his UFC 200 bout on July 9, unfortunately is not one of them.

Josh Samman – Men’s Middleweight
88 Overall: 90 Stand-Up, 86 Clinch, 85 Ground
Best Attributes: Choke Submission, Takedown Defense, Ground Defense, Ground and Pound

Lorenz Larkin – Men’s Welterweight
87 Overall: 89 Stand-Up, 83 Clinch, 85 Ground
Best Attributes: Ground Defense, Takedown Defense, Choke Defense, Joint Defense

Leonardo Santos – Men’s Lightweight
88 Overall: 87 Stand-Up, 82 Clinch, 89 Ground
Best Attributes: Top Game, Takedown Defense, Ground Defense, Joint Defense, Stamina

♦Added Stockton Slap and Imanari Roll Takedown moves to Ultimate Team and CAF.
♦Adjusted AI tendencies regarding Stamina Management and Kicking for specific fighters.