Wave of MLB The Show 16 bannings has created more questions than answers

Posted June 28th, 2016 at 8:30 am


Just a few days ago Sony San Diego reiterated a policy that has always been effect for account suspensions and bans relating to MLB The Show 16. This of course is all completely reasonable. Basically every online video game has a similar TOS in place and it’s just a matter of how violations are ultimately acted upon.

Yesterday though a mass banning apparently took place as users took to social media and forums to express frustration and seek answers. They’re finding plenty of the former and none of the latter. Given the sheer number of accounts impacted there’s quite a bit of turmoil in the community right now. Even the guy who became a social media sensation in discovering hockey recently is involved in the mess and getting nowhere with reps for the game.

Is it possible that some of the banned accounts did nothing wrong but were swept up by an erratic system that improperly flagged them? SCEA claims they have data that shows “market manipulation” and they refuse to reevaluate anyone’s accounts. But how realistic is it to assume that all the people in question definitively did break TOS? Many are vehemently denying the accusations and claiming they have no idea what the company is even claiming they did.

What’s especially troublesome about the situation is the lack of explanation being given. It again goes to show how paying for a video game doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to utilize all its features if a company decides to block you from them with or without any proof of wrongdoing. Obviously publishers have no incentive to ban their customers, as the act directly cuts them off as revenue sources. That however doesn’t mean mistakes can’t be made or that the lines of communication shouldn’t remain open with them to clarify and resolve any issues that might be in question.