Madden NFL 17 has already received a commentary update

Posted August 19th, 2016 at 12:00 pm


The new commentary team of Brandin Gaudin and Charles Davis has proven to be one of the most promising changes made for Madden NFL 17. One of the assurances from EA Sports is that the duo will be recording new audio for the game regularly throughout the season.

“This means that if a player or team has a monster week, you will hear about it shortly after in the game. Brandon and Charles will be in studio with us throughout the course of the season, recording the latest content to help bridge the gap between what you see on Sunday, and what you hear when you boot up your game.”

The first of those updates actually went out yesterday. It’s unclear what commentary specifically has been added but regardless it’s a good sign to already see the process set in motion and hopefully that remains consistent throughout the year.

[Update] A few examples have already been found