NBA 2K17 feature details starting to leak out

Posted August 30th, 2016 at 4:45 pm


The release of NBA 2K17 is just two weeks and a few days away – the MyCareer Prelude even a week sooner – yet many of the improvements to the game have yet to be officially revealed. Some major ones have surfaced today however thanks to the tweets of German basketball writer André Voigt.

Among the stream of tweets are details on the commentary, which is said to include 11 different personalities that will vary depending on location of the broadcast, and MyLeague Online becoming a true multi-year franchise mode. Some of those commentary changes were noted with leaked footage revealing Doris Burke and Brent Barry joining play-by-play man Kevin Harlan on different broadcast teams but it sounds more expansive than previously imagined.

More info

Over 300 different shoes are in the game
Arena audio and sounds recorded for all 30 venues
MyTeam redesigned cards, 6 new gem levels, historic franchise, theme packs
MyTeam bonus for “dynamic duos” like Steph and Klay
MyLeague Online runs 80 seasons, players develop, massive offseason decisions
MyTeam/MyLeague can start before offseason transactions were made
Advanced Rotation feature to determine what players are on the floor together
Jersey retirements and offseason trades possible
All shot types except dunks are timing-based
New system for steals make them more skill-based
Team offenses and defenses will be updated throughout the season
Stats will be kept for Pro-Am players
Three-tier ranking system in place for Pro-Am