First patch out now for Madden NFL 17

Posted September 2nd, 2016 at 8:15 am


While Madden NFL 17 launched relatively cleanly there was one significant bug which gave users the ability to tell whether the opposing offense was in a run or a pass play. That provided an edge against the CPU while severely affecting the online play experience.

The first patch for Madden NFL 17 went live today and it fixes that issue. Pulling up the play art will no longer provide an indication of whether the offense will be running or passing.

Other changes made include fixing a bug that would cause the quarterback to be unable to move or pass on a playaction, attempts to strip the ball by the CPU have been reduced, and the force defender has been tuned to lower the effectiveness of outside runs.

Patch Details

♦Fixed gameplay issue where player on defense could tell if opponent was going to run or pass

♦Reduce the amount of strip-tackle attempts made by the CPU

♦Fixed a major desync which was happening when a user went from Skills Trainer to Online (happened fairly often after the new-user flow)

♦Force defender tuning; when Force players on the playside of any non-counter runs had a zone coverage assignment, they would drop back into coverage at the snap – this has been fixed. Force Players will be better at containing the edge once they get engaged.

♦Stripping the Ball from behind the ball carrier was overpowered – Bug was found where the defender was getting multiple rolls at causing a fumble per animation

♦Occasionally on Play-Action passes, the user would be unable to throw the ball

♦MUT Online – Fixed issue w/ Cowboys uniforms that could result in ‘white on white’ situation

♦Client-side fix for the bug where you could see ratings of the upcoming draft class prior to the draft (server fix already applied to Cloud Franchises)

♦Acquisitions Screen showing rookie/free agent ratings before the draft – fixed

♦Fixed a Crash in Franchise mode that would sometimes occur in Franchise mode Practice during goal completion

♦Fixed a crash that would occur in the Guantlet after making an interception in the Big Man Rumble challenge

♦Occasionally, users were triggering ‘Nano Detection’ when successfully using the ‘Off the Line Mechanic’ on RT as a pass rusher

♦Occasionally, users would lose all pre-play functionality when selecting a defensive linemen while breaking the huddle

♦Occasionally, user would see defensive plays disappear in the playbook screen after selecting an audible during the previous play

♦Fumbles occurring too frequently in MUT solos where CPU-controlled team started with lead

♦Force player will be faster in breaking out of Read and React and into Force

♦Cover 1 plays were sometimes not aligning to Trips formations correctly

♦Occasionally, offensive linemen would run to the end zone and not block when running no huddle repeatedly in Draft Champions.