Latest update to Rocket League adds Rumble Mode and much more

Posted September 9th, 2016 at 9:00 am

Rocket League Rumble Update

Rocket League keeps on delivering with post-release support and a new update has just gone live delivering the highly anticipated Rumble Mode to the game. In Rumble there are 11 power-ups that randomly appear including The Boot (kicks opponent’s car), Disruptor (forces opponent to drive uncontrollably), Freezer (freezes the ball in-place), Plunger (Grabs ball via plunger and cord), and Tornado (sweep up ball and opposing cars into a giant funnel cloud).

Additionally the free patch offers up a new feature of player-to-player item trades, new arenas, car presets, and “crates” which are unlocked with “keys” that can be purchased. 


♦The “Rumble” 3v3 mode has been added as an unranked playlist, and is also available in Private Matches and Exhibition mode at any team size.

Added “Community Flags”
Added “Video Games”

Day of the Tentacle

Painted Items
Chef Hat
Ivy Cap
Pork Pie
Trucker Hat
Unicorn Horn
Wildcat Ears

Added “DFH Stadium (Stormy)” to all casual/competitive playlists.
Added “Urban Central (Dawn)” to all casual/competitive playlists.
Added “Octagon” to the “Rocket Labs” playlist.


Car Presets
♦The Garage now supports “Equip to Blue” and “Equip to Orange” functionality. This allows you to tailor your car differently based on which team you end up on!
♦You can now create up to ten Car Presets that save a specific configuration for easy access. Presets can be named to make it easy to switch between favorites in the main menu.
♦Presets can be quickly swapped between in the “Garage” submenu.
♦The Randomize Preset button generates a completely random car configuration to try out!

Player-to-Player Trading
♦Trading between players is now available. To trade, form a party with a friend and select the player you wish to trade with on your party bar. The “Invite to Trade” option will appear.
♦You can trade Online (Uncommon and up) item drops, Keys, Crates and Crate Items. You can trade most Limited items (like Halloween or Alpha items) but not special rewards.
♦Xbox One players cannot currently trade Keys.
♦You cannot trade Common items or Premium DLC items. They are bound to your personal account and cannot be given away.
♦Keys, or items obtained from Keys (like Crate items) have a “Trade Hold” that prevents them from being traded to other players for 7 days from the time of purchase.

♦The primary color palette has expanded to give players more options for their Blue and Orange cars, including Green colors for the Blue Team!
♦Graphical optimizations on all Arenas for more consistent performance at 60 fps.
♦Mac and Linux Beta are now available!


Introducing Champions Crates
♦You can now find “Champions Crates” rarely after completing online matches. They contain exclusive decals, wheels, boost trails, and even “Import” car bodies. Crates can be unlocked with Keys, which are for sale in the “Manage Inventory” and Crate Unlock menus
♦Note: A portion of the proceeds from all “Champions Crates” opened goes directly to Rocket League eSports prize pools.
♦Each crate has a unique “series” of items it may contain. Items in each crate are classified as Rare, Very Rare, Import, Exotic, and Black Market.
♦In the “Manage Inventory” screen, while selecting a crate the tooltip displays the full set of items in that series and which ones you have collected.
♦Crate items can be used in the existing “Trade In” system that exchanges five items of one rarity for a random new item of higher rarity.
♦Crate items must be traded up with other items from their same series and you will receive a new item from the same series.
♦You can view your Crates and preview possible contents from “Manage Inventory” screen.
♦Crate drops do not count against your normal Uncommon/Rare/Very Rare online item drop limit. They are a completely separate system.

♦All of the “Import” cars included in crates have identical steering and hitbox stats to existing vehicles in the game.
♦Team Names and Colors are now available in Private Match
♦When creating a private match, you can now specify custom Team Names for both teams. These names will appear on the scoreboard and when goals are scored.
♦Private Matches now support Team Color selection. These colors override the colors selected by players. Similar to Season mode, the full color palette is available, and the stadium colors will change to reflect your choices.
♦Players who do not play a competitive match for 30+ days are now considered Inactive. Inactivity removes from Competitive Leaderboards and reassigns to “Unranked” Skill Tier.
♦Inactive players’ skill rating is not lost or reset – they must play a few placement matches to be re calibrated. The number of placement matches depends on how long they have been inactive.
♦“Retro Utopia” has been removed from the “Rocket Labs” playlist, but can still be played in Private Matches.

Boost Trail Visual Upgrades
Flamethrower Purple


♦Party Chat is now available in the main menu and more!
♦Parties of players can now chat together from any screen using a new “Party Chat” widget that appears in the bottom right of your interface. Simply press R2 on PS4, RT on Xbox One, or click the icon on PC to open the chat window.
♦You can Party Chat on the Main Menu before matchmaking, from Training or other local modes, or even in a live match.
♦Messages from other party members will appear in your in-game chat log as well.
♦The “Manage Inventory” screen now supports searching and filtering of items.
♦While in the Replay Viewer, you can now open the Replay List and change which replay you’re watching from the mid-game menu.
♦In Competitive matches, the Skill Division / Promotion / Demotion display has been moved to the Scoreboard screen so it does not interfere with the Postgame Spotlight.


♦Disabling both “Depth of Field” and “Bloom” in the video options will no longer desaturate the entire game unintentionally.
♦Guam country flag now appears correctly.
♦Offensive name plates will once again appear censored to players on PS4 when appropriate.
♦Fixed an issue that incorrectly granted Xbox players incorrect XP when switching accounts