First patch is out for NBA 2K17

Posted September 27th, 2016 at 9:15 am


The first post-release patch for NBA 2K17 has gone live on PlayStation 4 and will be arriving soon on Xbox One. It’s a massive download coming in at 7.1 GB so what’s been done is considerable and affects gameplay and the various franchise and online modes.

Observations of fixes so far include substitutions made during timeouts (players enter immediately instead of having to wait for the next dead ball situation) and the courts for the Knicks and Bucks. What it hasn’t done is completely solve the Dream Team issue as many of consumers are still missing the pre-order incentive that was used to sell the game.

[Update] Continue on for the complete details of the patch. 


♦Updated court floors for both the New York Knicks and the Milwaukee Bucks.

♦Uniform improvements including the addition of a number of patches (e.g. Pacers 50th anniversary patch) and changes to more accurately represent uniforms for a number of teams.

♦Addressed an issue where some pre-order users were unable to see the ’92 Dream Team on the Play Now team select menu.


♦Substitutions made during a timeout will now immediately apply, rather than waiting for the next dead ball.

♦Reduced the frequency of lob passes and increased pass speeds across the board.

♦Fixed the 5-Second Closely Guarded rule in Euroleague-rules games such that the violation is only called when the ball carrier is holding the ball (as opposed to dribbling the ball).


♦Voice chatting has been added to the Pro-Am Team Arena.

♦As your Pro-Am Team levels up, you will now begin to see your Sponsors’ logos appearing on your custom arena walls!

♦Pro-Am teams of Elite 4 (and higher) will now see big heads in the crowd of their players during games.

♦The “On The Rise” and “Get Your Feet Wet” achievements should now unlock when the proper criteria has been met.

♦Injuries in MyCAREER no longer carry over into MyPARK/Pro-Am games. Regardless of injury status in your career, your player will now always be fully healthy in MyPARK/Pro-Am.

♦The Turbo meter will now flash red when depleted in MyPARK/Pro-Am games.

♦Travelling as a team to Parks/Pro-Am games should now be a lot smoother and more reliable.

♦Once earned, Grand Badges should now properly appear on your player in Pro-Am games.

♦A large number of improvements to the camera system used during Pro-Am games. The entire experience should now look and feel much cleaner.

♦Custom Wall progress will no longer disappear when changing basket types while editing a Pro-Am Team arena.

♦Made a change such that the only whistles you will hear in MyPARK are those from your current game (unless you are walking around).

♦Your Gamertag/Online ID will now correctly show on the back of your team’s Pro-Am jersey.

♦More reliable search capabilities when searching for players in Free Agency feature of Pro-Am.

♦Corrected a number of animation upgrades for Pro-Am that had incorrect team level requirements.

♦Fixed an issue where the overall rating of another player would display as 55 when viewing their player card during a shootaround.

♦MyPARK intro animations will now be shown with a greater variety when more than one is equipped.


♦Corrected a case where users would have an optional practice and a game overlapping on a single day, resulting in the user being forced to simulate to the next game.

♦Proper controls for “Orange Juice” now shown in Controls menu with in-game pause menu.

♦The Ankle Breaker badge should now properly unlock when the appropriate conditions are met.

♦Attributes earned exclusively through off-court events (e.g. free throw shooting, stamina, etc.) should now properly be saved to your MyPLAYER once earned.

♦Coach Brubaker will no longer critique you for missing team practices while you are injured.

♦When playing as a Point Guard, the playcalling menu will no longer be brought up on-screen when attempting to use “Orange Juice” controls with the d-pad.

♦Fixed an issue where your MyPLAYER would sometimes appear out of focus during a post-game interview with the studio crew.


♦Removed an errant dialog during MyGM setup that prevented more than one custom-built team from being added to the league at time of league creation.

♦Fixed issue in MyLEAGUE Online where loaded custom draft classes were not being preserved.

♦User vetoes are now respected in MyGM when your owner approaches you regarding the proposed rule changes for the upcoming season. If you don’t want a rule enacted, say no. If you are interested in the rule, say yes and it will go up for vote with the league.

♦When using a downloaded Team Design, the commentators will no longer refer to the team by an incorrect name.

♦Team Cards will now list team stats for the last 24 years, rather than the current and last season it showed previously. The more information, the better!

♦Fixed an issue where the Advanced Rotations menu was not properly updating following a trade, which could lead to a hang in some cases.

♦Players should now sign for normal contract values when the salary cap rule is turned off.

♦Commentary and crowd sounds will now be heard when jumping into a game that was initiated with SimCast.

♦Playoff stats will now be used in the Team Comparison and Player Comparison menus during the Playoffs (previously used regular season stats).