100ft Robot Golf out now on PS4

Posted October 10th, 2016 at 1:45 pm


No Goblin is the latest independent developer to take a shot at creating a unique arcade-style sports game with the just released 100ft Robot Golf. The game is currently exclusive to PlayStation 4 – it’s expected to reach other platforms in the future though there is no outlook for when that will happen – and is being sold for $20 as a digital download.

100ft Robot Golf is just as the title makes it sound – giant robots playing golf in a handful of settings. The robots have their own specific skills and power-ups, and can smash obstacles and disrupt play of opponents. Modes include a single player campaign/story and both splitscreen and online multiplayer. With PSVR out this week it’s worth noting the game also includes a mode dedicated to Virtual Reality.¬†Look for a review of 100ft Robot Golf within the next few days!