Major issues persist with NBA 2K17 Pro-Am

Posted October 24th, 2016 at 1:30 pm


Last year 2K Sports attempted to launch the NBA 2K series as an eSport, however the mode chosen to do so and poor structure in place resulted in a totally flawed competition. Rampant cheating, advantages to those who paid money, and a patch that altered play mid-event all contributed to the disaster. The 2K Pro-Am didn’t change much for NBA 2K17 but new problems have arisen and others have lingered since launch. 

The latest seems to have coincided with the patch earlier this month and pertains to players being kicked from games, with it happening frequently and often to multiple players on each team. Many teams have decided to avoid playing ever since because of this in order to preserve rankings, as CPU players who are liabilities remain in place of those who were kicked from the server. Anyone following 2K’s social media in recent weeks would be familiar with the calls for the company to “fix Pro-Am” and that mainly pertains to this problem.

However there are others that remain from even earlier. Two especially bad ones are the illegal screens which are not being called and a bug causing the camera perspective to change when a timeout is taken during free throws, which makes the shooter unable to see the meter.

Teams are obviously exploiting those flaws. There’s also been a glitch used by many that takes players beyond the set maximum for their attributes and all the way up to 98 Overall. These are players that are used in online games and could appear in a tournament. 2K has said they won’t be banning those who have taken advantage of the glitch but otherwise have yet to declare what if any actions they will in fact be taking.

Should 2K plan to utilize the Pro-Am again for a tournament (and regardless as it relates to anyone who wishes to play and enjoy the mode) these issues and more will have to be addressed before that would begin.