With season underway two big features unlock for NBA 2K17

Posted October 26th, 2016 at 5:30 pm


While an opening day roster update has yet to arrive for NBA 2K17 there are two features tied to the day-to-day of the league that were activated this morning following the first night of action. The returning NBA Today and the new ‘Start Today’ for the franchise modes are now functioning.

‘Start Today’ is the new feature for MyLeague and MyGM which allows for a franchise to begin with real-life¬†league standings and statistics up to the day in question. Someone who would use ‘Start Today’ and choose the Spurs would begin 1-0 with with all the stats from the blowout over the Warriors, and results from the other two games last night would also be represented.

NBA Today, which has been in the series for many years now, provides the full slate of games scheduled for a given day that can be played as exhibitions with the latest accurate lineups (theoretically at least) and real-life statistics. Generally in the past the feature has been available even in the preseason but didn’t begin working in 2K17 until today.