The Ultimate Feast promotion has opened in Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team

Posted November 18th, 2016 at 8:15 am


The latest big promo to kickoff in MUT celebrates the games scheduled for Thanksgiving and one of the greats that played on the holiday in the past. 12 Solo Challenges have been added that reward nearly 17,000 Coins, 6 Thanksgiving Packs, and an 87 Overall Herman Moore. By collecting and turning in all the Elite cards in the program that Moore card can be upgraded to a 95 rated version. Ultimate Feast runs through the morning of November 29. 

Upon entering Ultimate Team everyone is given an Ultimate Feast Starter Pack which contains one food collectible and two tips. An extra pack which has a single Gold Thanksgiving player can be easily earned by completing the new Objectives of 4 Thanksgiving solos, 3 total pass TDs, 50 total rush yards, and 10 total solo tackles. The standard Thanksgiving Packs are available to purchase for 80,000 Coins or 800 points which is equivalent to $8. Those packs guarantee 2 Thanksgiving players and 4 food items.

Food collectibles found in packs can be traded in with sets to obtain elite player cards and the Ultimate Feast uniforms. The new Chemistry tied to Ultimate Feast players can be achieved with four of them in the active lineup on offense or defense. The players will receive +1 in Strength, Tackling, Block Shedding, and Hit Power on defense, while the offense will get +1 to Agility, Acceleration, Catching, Route Running. The home and away uniforms that can be obtained count towards the designated number to activate the chemistry on either side of the ball.

Additionally the players in the program from the Vikings, Lions, Steelers, Colts, Redskins, and Cowboys contain statistical goals that – if met in the games they play on Thanksgiving – will permanently raise their Overall Rating.