Latest Madden NFL 17 patch fixes bug that impacted Madden Classic

Posted December 13th, 2016 at 6:45 am

The fifth post-release patch released today for Madden NFL 17 addressing a couple gameplay bugs along with some work done on Ultimate Team. One of the issues addressed is the “QB freeze” which was witnessed multiple times during the recent Madden Classic eSports event, and unfortunately contributed to creating the turning point of the championship game.

♦Addressed a gameplay issue where the QB would freeze after hot routing a running back and motioning him out before he became fully set.

♦Addressed a gameplay issue where a receiver who was hot routed would switch back to his previous assignment if he was motioned and not fully set.

♦Various upgrades to improve the Madden Ultimate Team Holiday experience.

♦Enhanced preparations to help deal with the upcoming Freeze (Ultimate Team).