Sports gaming will get off to a disappointing start with Nintendo Switch

Posted January 21st, 2017 at 2:15 pm

For long Nintendo has not been any sort of destination for sports gamers and the upcoming Switch, despite offering unique functionality that could prove beneficial to many games, doesn’t appear to be changing that perception. The system will launch without any sports games (FIFA and NBA 2K18 are coming later in the year), is under-powered compared to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and has some real cost concerns based on its initial price and additional purchases that have to be made along with it.

EA Sports is already saying that FIFA will be their only game on Switch until “the platform launches and takes off.” It’s also rumored that the FIFA game, which is being referred to as “custom built,”¬†will utilize the last-gen gameplay engine found on 360 and PS3. NBA 2K18 will certainly be inferior to the version on other consoles as well – just the extent to which it is will remain unknown for quite some time. Nintendo’s own new IP, ARMS, does look to have some potential but third parties are what will determine how well the console is able to grow.

The success of these early games from EA Sports and 2K Sports may determine whether they continue to develop for the Switch or abandon Nintendo like they did after only one year with the Wii U. Check out my complete article on the subject that was written for Sporting News!