Intro to MLB The Show 17 Diamond Dynasty

Posted February 14th, 2017 at 4:15 pm

While last week for MLB The Show 17 was all about gameplay, this week the focus has shifted to the back-to-back Community Award winner for Best Team-Building Mode. Following the initial Diamond Dynasty reveal video yesterday covering the new ways to play and other additions, another video has gone out functioning as an introduction to the mode for those unfamiliar while also going through some new features that will debut with the upcoming game.

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Ranked Seasons
Compete against other players online in head-to-head (PlayStation Plus required to play online) action as you attempt to climb the ranked leaderboard in order to acquire unique rewards. We’ll be running new seasons every few weeks, so you’ll have a fresh new challenge and a new set of rewards to strive for.

Events enter Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 17 and challenge you to build a team based on themed Event rules. Speedsters, sluggers, and switch hitters will have their moments to shine in these rotating, time-limited Events. Be strategic with your lineup decisions, field your best team, and take on opponents to earn Event rewards based on your hot streaks and overall win totals.

Assert your team’s dominance across North America as you attempt to conquer each MLB team in this single-player, strategy-focused, experience.

Battle Royale
Battle Royale is the most challenging and competitive game mode Diamond Dynasty has ever seen. In this player-versus-player experience, you’ll be challenged to draft a team and outlast opponents in a double-elimination tournament to acquire unique rewards.

Updated Content
Diamond Dynasty will see the addition of new players (legends, flashbacks, and more), daily attribute updates for current-day MLB players, new Missions and Programs, updated rewards in many of our modes (Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale, Events, Conquest), and promotional packs and store items.

And Much More
Play casual, unranked, games against other players online, play with your friends in custom challenges, play against any of the 30 MLB teams, or play against another players’ Diamond Dynasty teams controlled by the CPU.