All the uniforms in MLB The Show 17

Posted February 24th, 2017 at 11:15 am

Among the most conspicuous of omissions in recent releases of MLB The Show have been all the uniform sets that fans would see see worn regularly during the season that were unfortunately missing in the games. Excuses for them not being included having ranged from particular sets not being found in the official MLB Style Guide to a limitation on the maximum number that could be assigned per team.

Whether it was a stronger drive to include more, or the scrapping of a PS3 version that may have been holding the PS4 back in some areas, this has been largely resolved in MLB The Show 17 as every uniform in the Style Guide is apparently included. In this week’s live stream from developer Sony San Diego the uniforms for all 30 teams were scrolled through answering the majority of questions related to them with each having up to 11 sets.

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Among some of the more prominent missing uniforms in MLB The Show 16 were the Mariners cream Sunday unis, the camo unis for the Padres, the black alternate for the Giants, and red alternates for the Twins and Blue Jays. This year Toronto is also introducing a red and white jersey for Sunday home games. All of those are seen in the video.

MLB The Show 17 will release on March 28 with Ken Griffey Jr. on the cover and also found in-game as one of the new legends. Amazon is offering pre-orders at a discount of 20% to Prime members. The standard edition goes for $48 and the MVP Edition for $56. The latter includes 5K Stubs, Gold Season Starter Pack, Sponsor Pack, 10 Standard Packs, limited edition steel book, and PS4 themes for every team in the league.