Madden NFL 17 patch addresses some final issues with the game

Posted March 15th, 2017 at 7:30 am

In mid-February a major update heavy on gameplay improvements was released for Madden NFL 17 and now the game has received a followup patch that cleans up a few remaining issues.

♦Addressed a bug that caused the gameplay speed inside of Gauntlet, Skills Trainer, and Franchise Game Planning Drills to be extremely slow.

♦Fixed a bug where the offensive tackle would play a blocking animation without engaging with a defensive player.

♦Addressed a bug where a user’s profile settings weren’t being honored in Play-a-Friend games.

♦For online MUT and Draft Champions games, the 3-letter team name shown in the score hud will now represent the first 3 letters of your team name just as it does in Solo Challenges. To update this go to the “Team” tab and choose the Rename Team tile.

♦Addressed the issue where declining a Live Commentary Update (LCU) and powering on from rest mode could cause significant lag in the menus and in-game.

♦Other minor stability improvements.