Details on MLB The Show 17’s second patch

Posted April 25th, 2017 at 6:45 am

While a patch was quickly released for MLB The Show 17 two weeks ago it only affected a couple issues related to online play and corrected the Tigers road uniforms. The latest patch, which went out this morning, impacts a whole lot more. Among the most notable changes are a reduction to opposite field power, improvements to the catcher’s blocking ability, and a fix for the CPU pulling starting pitchers too early.


♦Adjustments made to limit the power on opposite HRs as well as inside/out swing types.

♦Fixed several issues causing users to soft lock, freeze, or get stuck in certain situations, both on the field or in the pause menu or bullpen screens. (Online)

♦Improvements made to catcher’s blocking ability including the prevention of balls traveling through the player. (Online)

♦Various general gameplay and transition improvements. (Online)

UI and OSD

♦Franchise in-game ticker stat tracking.

♦Corrected batter walk-up stats in postseason.

♦Fixed several instances of incorrect team or division logos appearing.

♦Prevented slide-outs and defensive shift menus from overlapping.

♦Added MPH and pitch info to score bar in CPU vs CPU games.

♦Adjustments to pregame lineup screens.

♦Completed programs no longer incorrectly display ‘Feed Me’ icons.


♦Corrected the foul pole areas in BOS and CIN to improve play calling/scoring.

♦Swapped the home and away MIA bullpens.

♦Fixed new Wrigley Field LED boards to display pitcher W/L records.

♦New York Mets ‘7 Line Army’ now appears in Season/Franchise modes.

♦Citi Field’s grass anomaly down right field line has been fixed.

♦Corrected Houston and old Miami distance markers on HR walls

♦Adjusted the bullpen camera in multiple stadiums to prevent clipping issues.

♦Graphical corrections and improvements to old Miami (concourse areas) and Wagonman (warning track).

Universal Profile

♦Previously unobtainable icons will now unlock correctly.

♦The level-up animation no longer remains on screen while redeeming missions.


♦Diamond Dynasty created player stat tracking and Ritual item boosts now function correctly.

♦Various RTTS manager interaction and player progressions fixes.

♦RTTS and Franchise mode adjustments made to correct issues preventing some users from progressing naturally.

♦Fixed issue where CPU woudl pull starting pitchers with low pitch counts.

♦Fixed issue where songs put into ‘Sounds of the Show’ would not save correctly.

♦Corrected arm action and animations for many pitchers including Clayton Kershaw, Tom Seaver, Michael Wacha, and others.

♦Audio adjustments to commentary (RTTS milestons), public address announcer, and overall sound effects.

♦Addressed many consumer reported crashes.

♦Various other minor bug fixes and adjustments made throughout the game.