Details on third patch for MLB The Show 17

Posted May 1st, 2017 at 12:15 pm

The third patch for MLB The Show 17 has gone live today. Earlier updates to the game delivered some improvements to gameplay plus a few online and uniform fixes. This latest patch does some more for gameplay along with implementing a variety of miscellaneous fixes. The most notable changes include addressing the CPU pulling pitchers too early in Quick Count games and an adjustment to the success rate of bunting against the shift. 

Offline and Online Gameplay
♦Pitchers will no longer be pulled too soon in games with Quick Counts enabled.
♦Balanced the success rate of sacrifice bunts and bunts against the shift.
♦Minor adjustments to RTTS narration commentary.
♦Fixed issue where SS would sometimes be facing wrong direction in tag situations.

Online-Specific Gameplay
♦Various improvements made to online gameplay stability.
♦Challenge of the Week live scores now update correctly.
♦MLB teams with matte helmets now display properly in DD.

♦Fixed crash that would happen when 200+ players retired in offseason (Franchise).
♦Corrected issue with position players on pitching leaderboard in ticker (Franchise).
♦Corrected issue within Polo Grounds where inaccurate HR call made down LF wall.
♦Fixed corrupt textures in Old Miami stadium during night games.
♦Universal Profile MVP icon now unlocks correctly.
♦Adjustments made to home run celebrations and running trots.
♦Returned the sound effects of the bat making contact with the ball.
♦Many consumer crash reports were addressed.