New player Program has been added to MLB 17 Diamond Dynasty

Posted May 3rd, 2017 at 5:45 pm

The third player Program rolled out today in MLB The Show 17 Diamond Dynasty. Doug Drabek joins Chipper Jones and Chris Archer with their own dedicated Program requiring set goals of wins, statistical achievements, and player collections to be to be reached. Program card packs, XP and tickets are earned by completing each step along the way.

As with the other Programs playing online games are required to take it to 100% completion, which eliminates those who prefer only to play the CPU or would rather avoid The Show’s poor online experience from reaping the final reward.

The Missions in the Program involve getting 15 wins with Breakout players in online games, getting a CG w/11 Ks with a Breakout pitcher vs CPU, collecting 3 saves and 3 holds with Pirates pitchers in Conquest, 75 pitcher strikeouts with Breakout players in Ranked Season games, and collecting both 25 Pirates players and 15 Breakout players.

Completing all those Missions will result in earning an 86 Overall Breakout Doug Drabek. It’s probably not worth the time and effort of going directly after this version of Drabek, but some benefits from the Program will be picked up over time even when not. There are already Hardware (92 Overall) and Rookie (75 Overall) versions of Drabek available in the mode. The former is given out for completing the Pirates collection.