Server problems for The Golf Club 2 have mostly been resolved

Posted July 3rd, 2017 at 5:00 pm

For the first four days of release The Golf Club 2 was rendered largely unplayable due to server issues that made both Career Mode and Online Societies inaccessible. The problems appear to have been ironed out as the weekend went smoothly with all features working properly.

The only issue I’ve run into since Saturday are completed rounds played in Society that, when returning to start the next round, have lost results for a handful of holes in the completed round. I’ve had to re-play the final two to five holes. The leaderboard which tends to lag some in results may also be reflecting the servers falling behind on saving them.

So again, now that things are up and running, feel free to join the Pastapadre Online Society on PS4 where we are on to the second event of the season. The four round tournament will come to a close on Wednesday with a new one starting on Thursday. Competing on the leaderboards against others, potentially earning coin payouts, and helping to build up the society has already proven to be a good deal of fun for everyone involved.

While still a game presenting a difficult challenge at times, The Golf Club 2 is much more friendly to novices and delivers more content than the original in the form of Career and Societies. It’s definitely worth being picked up by fans of the sport¬†or anyone seeking out simulation golf, and those with Amazon Prime can still get it for 20% off.