The biggest early issue for NBA 2K18 is lost MyPlayer saves

Posted September 16th, 2017 at 8:45 am

The good news is that the servers have been performing surprisingly well for NBA 2K18 even under the intense traffic load surrounding release and with multiple online-based modes now merged together to create an open-world “neighborhood.” Unfortunately there is one serious issue widespread enough that does have to do with the servers, and that’s MyPlayer characters being lost with the corruption of save files. That seems to have been occurring most often after a disconnect that then results in a crash to the console dashboard.

2K Sports appears to be in data collection and investigation mode right now, with the only statement on the matter having released yesterday afternoon. Currently no solutions have been instituted or proposed and social media is ablaze with discussion of the problem as those affected seek out answers and the hope of their characters’ return.

Obviously this is a tremendously serious problem as not only is it the time that’s been invested into MyPlayers (which are used in MyCareer, MyPark, and Pro-Am) but also the money that has been invested in them already. Many of those affected have spent considerable amounts on purchasing Virtual Currency to boost their player’s skills.

Update: 2K has added a support page dedicated to the issue.