First NHL 18 digital deal is found on PS4

Posted October 19th, 2017 at 12:00 pm

Both Madden NFL 18 and NBA Live 18 have already had deals offered through a variety of retailers and now NHL 18 joins them in being available at a discount – but only on PlayStation 4 for now. Surprisingly this is a digital deal on the game and can be had through the PlayStation Store or by purchasing a code through Amazon for $40.

This particular deal is worth considering given that NHL doesn’t tend to get the deep discounts that other annual sports titles do for Black Friday which is now only a month away. NHL titles are generally offered for $35 or $40 at that time.

NHL 18 is a solid if unspectacular entry in the series that is more friendly for novices¬†given the addition of the NHL THREES arcade mode, improved tutorial, and the widespread ability to play co-op. However areas like gameplay and presentation in NHL 18 haven’t seen much in the way of advancement and that may disappoint series veterans.