Sociable Soccer now available on PC through Steam Early Access

Posted October 20th, 2017 at 8:30 am

Independent developers have helped to bring back unique takes on various sports in recent years and now soccer is next in line to get a much-needed injection of arcade-style fun. The fast-paced game Sociable Soccer acts as the “spiritual successor” to the 1992 game Sensible Soccer from the same lead designer Jon Hare. Sociable Soccer has taken a path similar to some other indie sports games, first falling short on a crowdfunding campaign only to continue on with a more traditional development strategy.

Sociable Soccer can now be purchased through Steam on PC for $20. The game is in the Early Access period which offers an opportunity for community feedback to be acted upon as it will remain in active developments for the months ahead.

♦Fast, slick and intuitive game controls for online & offline play
♦Full 3D game world including stadium and animated crowd
♦A variety of camera angles, replay options etc
♦Over 1,000, fully researched, club & international teams
♦Over 30,000 players (each with his own player card)
♦Online or Local Friendly Multiplayer Mode for 2-8 players (each controlling his own team)
♦Customisable leagues, cups and tournaments for up to 8 players
♦World Mode: a campaign in which you upgrade your manager character by winning 67 international, real world football trophies by playing with many of our 1,000 teams (100 hours gameplay, mimimum)

Additional features are still in the works including a card-collecting mode, manager mode, and enhanced customization and editing options. Release of Sociable Soccer on consoles and the final finished release for PC is currently planned for early 2018.