Second set of 2017 PCA winners

Posted January 18th, 2018 at 9:30 am

After collecting a total vote number in excess of 37,000 the winners of the 2017 Pastapadre Community Awards will all be announced this week. The results for four more categories are examined today – check out the first set of winners here. Now on to the winners of the PCAs for Best Presentation, Best Mobile Game, Best Online Play, and Best Post-Release Support. 

Best Presentation: NBA 2K18 (55%)

The award for Best Presentation could simply be named after the NBA 2K franchise at this point. NBA 2K18 win makes it eight consecutive wins. 2K’s share of the vote has been slipping (down 18% from two years ago) but there hasn’t been a game that has made the leap in presentation to actually challenge in the category. This time around there was a strong showing however and it came from MLB The Show 17 with 31% while FIFA 18 finished with the remaining 14%.

Best Mobile Game: Motorsport Manager 2 (46%)

Despite their immense popularity the Ultimate Team-based mobile games have never failed quite as well in awards voting. Motorsport Manager 2 took advantage this year and even without the same level of name recognition it was able nearly to lap the pack. Madden NFL Mobile got 28% and NBA Live Mobile 26%.

Best Online Play: Madden NFL 18 (44%)

EA Sports has owned the Best Online Play category since its inception, with the first win by NCAA Football was followed with six consecutive victories by Madden NFL. That nearly changed when Rocket League (41%) was nearly able to topple it despite being in its third year of release. Madden NFL 18 beat out Rocket League by just 3% in the PCA’s closest content while FIFA 18 pulled in the remaining 15%.

Best Post-Release Support: Madden NFL 18 (57%)

Though the category is now entering just its fourth year this is another one that has only been awarded to EA Sports games, with UFC winning once and Madden NFL the others. The victory for Madden NFL 18 makes it three straight as consumers have recognized the effort and consistency to not just produce what’s now expected of games following release but go above-and-beyond even adding new features along the way. The results were very similar to last year as Rocket League (33%) is once again the runner-up while a new entrant, in this case NBA Playgrounds, finished with just 10%.