Complete details on EA Sports UFC 3 improvements out of the beta

Posted January 23rd, 2018 at 8:45 am

Having already showcased some of the considerable improvements made to EA Sports UFC 3 following its beta that began in late November, now the publisher has released a full-on list of the changes that have been made based on observations and feedback. As would be anticipated the final release version of the game will be considerably improved from the late-development build due in large part to the beta. 


♦Slow down combo speed and locomotion speed based on stamina
♦Add fatigued lunges
♦Visual improvements to falls and getups
♦Added superman elbow
♦Added second back overhand animation
♦Reduce overhand vulnerability and adjust it to start later in animation
♦Add missing McGregor taunts
♦Added all missing feints
♦Added more jab and straight animation variety
♦Add an extra range to the superman punch
♦Make it so side kicks to the head can be evaded with movement
♦Add the ability to strike quickly out of switch stance
♦Fix bug that prevented blocking during a feint animation
♦Removed the restriction that only the first kick in a combo can be caught
♦Tuned judge scoring logic
♦Make standing TD slams deal damage to only the body
♦Increase long term block breakdown
♦Make it so CAFs can use base fighter custom animations and features
♦Fixed bug that caused damage spikes in first ten seconds of a round
♦Fixes for several sliding and warping issues while striking
♦Tuned impact of perks on gameplay
♦Tuned blocked and missed frames for strikes out of slips
♦Fixed several bad animation transitions on several hit reactions
♦Fixed bugs where fighters would get stuck mid takedown
♦Moved some combos into lower combo packages
♦Fix input queuing bug during hit reactions
♦Fixed input bug that delayed strikes out of a sustained lean in some cases
♦Fixed several broken combos
♦Fix bugs preventing diving punches when opponent is knocked down
♦Only count blocked strikes as landed when bleed through is greater than 25%
♦Ensure that reach penalty as applied to strike speed gives at least a 2 frame advantage
♦Make Iminari Roll take longer to initiate so it is more deniable and make sure it goes to a 4 stage submission instead of the 2 stage
♦Fix mirroring bug related to stopping power and movement
♦Turn off strike IK targetting when hand on floor in active KD for head strikes
♦Reduce the number of evasion frames on the tail end of a forward slip
♦Clear evasion state when cancelling a strike
♦Tune combos so no combo has contact frames shorter than 12
♦Tune safe frames on block up by 4, making slipping off a blocked strike more viable
♦Fix bug where advanced lunges could get stuck on cage
♦Fix evasion against the cage when mirrored
♦Tuned catch kick break animations to look more athletic
♦Increase the impact of the switch stance rating
♦Disable combos during a liver health event
♦Add post KO reaction animations
♦Add Gaethje signature block and strike animations and logic
♦Reduce leg and body vulnerability while taunting
♦Fix crazy leg perk
♦Add rear leg hit reactions
♦Remove stamina cost on leg checks
♦Make it so leg knock downs do not put you in a finish the fight position

Ground and Clinch

♦Make finish the fight moment more survivable from strikes
♦Tune transition speeds in single collar and over under
♦Added new clinch entry into cage over-under animations
♦Submission gate speed tuning, including a better emphasis on stamina
♦Improved visuals on side control KO animation
♦Better integration of ground arm damage with standup long term block breakdown
♦Diaz fingers tuned to Westside in signature triangle submission


♦Rewrite of AI cage control movement logic
♦Fix bug with AI blocking too late for leg checks
♦Fixes to AI clinch and takedown attempt range logic
♦Fix AI locomotion jittering
♦Fix bug that made the AI catch too many body kicks
♦Reduce easy AI blocking and denial rates
♦Tune submission AI to make normal and everything below it slightly easier
♦AI tuning – don’t allow getups from top for grappling specialists, and disable getups from bottom on submission specialists
♦Allow AI to perform finish the fight submissions if they are submission specialists
♦Add grapple momentum advantage knowledge to AI transition denials
♦Allow AI to properly chain imanari roll into heel hook submission
♦Increase AI tendency to block grapple-based strikes as health goes down based on competency
♦Adjust average AI reaction time to make AI a bit better at defending and finishing subs
♦Adjust AI difficulty tuning curve to make AI submissions significantly more dangerous at legendary skill level
♦Made AI with tendency to switching stance do so when hurt
♦AI – add checks for min health or grapple advantage when trying to escape certain dangerous situations


♦Make camera side switches less frequent
♦Tuned the in-game camera
♦Removed KO camera zoom