The look ahead for MLB The Show 18

Posted February 7th, 2018 at 9:00 am

While the initial trailer and feature reveal for MLB The Show 18 left something to be desired, the condensed promotional schedule means the info and looks at the game that fans are seeking will be coming in hot and heavy over the coming weeks. Here’s the plan going forward with developer blogs early each respective week followed by Twitch live streams every Thursday.

Week of Feb. 5: Gameplay/AI New Features and Improvements
-Hitting engine changes, improved physics, new tagging engine, new catcher AI/animations

Week of Feb. 12: (Redacted) and The Little Things
-No further details provided

Week of Feb. 19: Presentation and Commentary Improvements
-(Redacted) joins the booth, dynamic storylines and conversations, full speed replay system

Week of Feb. 26: Diamond Dynasty
-New legends, new programs paragidm, (redacted)

Week of March 5: Road to the Show
-Training points are a thing of the past, player progression overhaul, short-term focus decisions

Week of March 12: Franchise
-(Redacted), trade deadline prep, September call-ups