MLB The Show 18: The top rated players and PS Store 20% off coupon

Posted March 22nd, 2018 at 8:45 am

Four players lead the way at the top of the ratings scale in MLB The Show 18 while another is just a single point from reaching the pinnacle. While that number is up from the two that began there last season, the group of players rated 90+ continues its slimming down which began a few years ago. Check out the full list of all players rated 88+ with the piece put together for Sporting News. These ratings come from the base roster which applies to modes such as Play Now and Franchise. Diamond Dynasty utilizes a different scale with ratings lower across the board.

The “quests” that began on earlier this week¬†now include a code for 20% off a single PlayStation Store purchase. Make sure to pick that up and use it by the end of the month when it is set to expire. The discount would bring the standard MLB The Show 18 down to $48, MVP Edition to $56 or Digital Deluxe to $80. The coupon can not be applied to pre-orders however, meaning the game will need to be officially released for it to be used which means midnight tonight. That 20% off could also be used on purchasing Stubs or on any other desired games or digital items found in the PlayStation Store.

[Update: With MLB The Show 18 now released the code can be applied for purchasing the game through the PS Store]