Details on second patch for MLB The Show 18

Posted April 3rd, 2018 at 8:00 am

Being first party has its benefits, including faster turnaround time on patches, and that’s been seen already with MLB The Show 18 which has now released two of them within its first two weeks. Changes made in the latest which went out today are fairly minor but it is also believed that issues with the dynamic crowd attendance have been addressed in the update. 

♦Fix for an issue where the shortstop wouldn’t shift when using the extreme shift setting with runners on first and two outs.

♦Fix for player head tracking, during pickoff attempts, for certain pitchers.

♦Minor adjustments to check swings and pulling back bunts at the last moment (online).

♦Adjustments to attribute values of RTTS players to balance regression.

♦Fixes to clothing clipping in RTTS.

♦Fixes to subtle audio cues throughout gameplay: music reverb through the PA system, delay strikeout music to play with more realistic timing, stolen base music cues playing after strikeouts.

♦Fixed several consumer-reported crashes.

♦Various other minor bug fixes and adjustments throughout the game.