MLB The Show 18 takes a fourth shot at fixing the fielding and hitting

Posted May 17th, 2018 at 7:15 am

MLB The Show 18 today received another patch. It’s the fourth out of five patches so far this year in a struggle to improve issues with the fielding and hitting that have plagued the game since release. Pitching, which has been worked on through pitch speeds in past updates, has not been affected by this latest one.

♦Fewer hard choppers, dribblers, and popups in online and local two-player games
♦Logic adjustments to increase the urgency of fielding in the infield. Specifically for DP situations and when faster runners are batting
♦Adjustment to correct the fair/foul ball detection on hits near foul poles in multiple stadiums.
♦Update to Coors Field jumbotron
♦Various bug fixes and adjustments made throughout the game