A look at The Neighborhood in NBA 2K19

Posted August 29th, 2018 at 8:00 pm

“The Neighborhood” was introduced in NBA 2K18 and arguably represented the worst of what the game had to offer. Not only was it built around virtual currency and advertisements but it was a major culprit of time wasting. What was likely good in concept despite being overhyped was not in execution, as it took what could be accomplished in simple fashion through menus and instead made basic tasks take minutes to complete.

2K Sports has just debuted a trailer for the second year of The Neighborhood for NBA 2K19. It’s clear that at least some of the feedback was heard, as the activity within the area seems to have increased, the ways to play expanded upon in new and creative ways, and getting around appears as though it could be quicker. What isn’t likely to change is that The Neighborhood is by design going to be a hub for pushing microtransactions and that’s clear through all the upgrades that will be available for characters both in terms of customization and attributes.