Road to the Show improvements detailed for MLB The Show 19

Posted February 20th, 2019 at 7:45 am

This week sees the promotional efforts for MLB The Show 19 centered on its Road to the Show career mode. The primary improvements made this year are the removal of the ratings caps allowing players to once again reach 99s, the ability to define locker room personality for the character, and new training mini-games and performance-based challenges. 

No Attribute Caps

First order of business: there are no attribute caps in MLB The Show 19. That’s right — if you want to be a baseball god, it’s now possible… but it won’t be easy. Archetypes have been retooled, and the choices represent how your player approaches the game. Each archetype determines how quickly you progress in certain attributes.

Personality Growth and Relationships

Your play on the field won’t be the only thing that determines how good of a player you’ll be. New in MLB The Show this year: Personality Growth and Relationships. These help establish your player’s locker room personality based on how you interact with others. Are you are a Maverick, Lighting Rod, Captain, or the Heart and Soul of the team? As you level up in each personality tree and relationship, you’ll unlock perks, and boost them as well. All of the perks align to your role on the team dynamic.

In-Game Challenges

When you’re issued a challenge, whether it’s on the field or during training, you’ll be looking to get better and push yourself. The new Challenge structure in RTTS could be anything: a number of games, or just a single, crucial at-bat. You control how high you set the bar, and as a result, how you much you stand to gain by succeeding. You only stand to gain by completing the Challenges – and if you fail, no worries. You won’t be punished.

Playable Training

In MLB The Show 19, you’ll have playable training sessions that allow you to play interactive mini-games that directly affect your gains in the gym.