Changes already being made to NBA 2K20

Posted August 23rd, 2019 at 8:00 am

Only a few hours had passed after the arrival of the demo for NBA 2K20 before developers began announcing changes that were being made for release of the game. Though not a beta the limited offerings in the 2K20 demo do provide for an opportunity for 2K to collect feedback on gameplay and that is being done primarily through social media and boards like Reddit.

What appears on the surface to be a rush to make changes has led to many to question what appears to be the complete reversal of some design decisions along with other adjustments being made based on initial reactions from vocal fans who may or may not represent the majority. There were certainly reasons for things to be implemented and balanced the way they were heading into the demo so at the very least the decision to revert or modify so suddenly makes it seem like the devs aren’t sure themselves of what they really want.

That doesn’t mean though that the changes being made ultimately aren’t for the good of the game. Reaction however has been decidedly mixed and trending toward negative in the discussion that has followed.