Details on the latest patch to Madden NFL 20

Posted November 4th, 2019 at 9:30 am

The fifth major post-release patch for Madden NFL 20 is available now on all platforms. This patch delivers a brand new X-Factor ability, adds all of the new abilities from the last patch to Franchise, and makes a variety of adjustments to gameplay and presentation.

Global Updates

♦General Stability and Connectivity improvements
♦NFL Player Likeness Updates: Bears RB David Montgomery, Cowboys RB Tony Pollard, Titans P Brett Kern, Jets LB Blake Cashman
♦Fixed an issue with likeness of Buccaneers RB Peyton Barber
♦Updated hair for Falcons WR Julio Jones
♦Added a new version of Bears throwback helmet
♦Updated side stripes on Titans home and away and alternate uniforms
♦Updated referee hats to display ‘NFL 100’ logo

Gameplay Updates

♦Tuning to ‘Mossed’ Zone Ability: Increased Zone triggers to Three catches of 30+ air yards on Arcade and Simulation, and Five catches on Competitive; also increased required distance of passes when active from 50+ to 55+ air yards.
♦Updated running animations for scrambling QB’s
♦Tuning to reduce effectiveness of Aggressive Run Blocking coach adjustment
♦Tuning to reduce frequency of AI-controlled players attempting strip tackles when using the Aggressive Strip Ball coach adjustment; also reduced chance of face-mask penalties & broken tackles with this adjustment
♦Tuning to reduce stumbling on defenders after a turnover
♦Fixed an issue sometimes causing players to freeze when scoring TD when breaking a tackle
♦Fixed an issue causing spot of the ball to be incorrect when catching punt out of bounds
♦Fixed an issue preventing QB Contain defenders from properly disengaging in 4-3 Over
♦Fixed an issue preventing zone coverage defenders from breaking into pursuit vs. QB Draw
♦Fixed an issue preventing a tackle in a specific multi-player interception animation
♦Fixed an issue causing the Deep Middle Third defender in Cover 3 plays to abandon his zone vs. PA Read plays

Franchise Updates

♦All abilities from previous Title Update are now supported
♦Updated “Full On-Field Control” League option for players to work for H2H games
♦New ‘Game Day’ scenarios added around Playoff scouting and the Super Bowl for new and existing Franchise leagues
♦Fixed an issue exposing debug text in new league News stories
♦Adjusted League Commissioner setting: Player OVR Cut Restrictions from 60 OVR to 70 OVR
♦Fixed an issue in multi-user leagues during a ‘Forced Week Advance’ causing the player card to display incorrect information
♦Changed the ‘Coach Preseason Mentor’ scenarios so that they are no longer triggering on the same player year-over-year

Presentation Updates

♦Various Commentary Updates
♦Fixed an issue causing the Play Call Screen and/or Kick Meter to disappear after pressing the pause button following a timeout
♦Updated Superstar loading screen for Seahawks DE Jadeveon Clowney
♦Added receiver ‘red line’ to the practice field

Ultimate Team Updates

♦Added Secondary Positions for select players
♦Likeness update and signature passing animations added for UT Legend QB Peyton Manning
♦Likeness update for young version of Ultimate Team Legend RB Emmitt Smith

Superstar KO Updates

♦New Legends added to the Superstar: KO draft pool: WR Marvin Harrison, CB Deion Sanders, SS Troy Polamalu, FS Ed Reed