Details on the latest patch for Madden NFL 20

Posted November 19th, 2019 at 8:30 am

The Madden franchise has a long history of impressive post-release support that has improved the games significantly and expanded their feature sets. Madden NFL 20, despite adding a whole new mode, has largely regressed through its updates however. A new patch out today will hopefully do enough to course-correct and get the series back on the right track with various gameplay fixes, addition of fifth-year options, and major upgrades to playbooks.

Global Updates

♦General Connectivity & Stability improvements
♦NFL Player likeness update for Panthers TE Greg Olsen
♦Added black Captain’s patch to 49ers white alternate uniform
♦Added white alternate pants for Saints
♦New Equipment added: Xenith Shadow Helmet, 35 new facemasks, 3 new neckrolls

Franchise Mode Updates

♦Fifth Year Option: In Coach Mode, during the Free Agent Recap week, if the user’s team has qualifying personnel, the user-Coach will experience a scenario to decide whether or not to sign eligible players to a fifth-year option; corresponding news stories that reference the ‘Fifth Year’ contract will populate as well
♦Fixed an issue causing the button hints in the Pause menu to get covered up by the game results bar
♦Fixed an issue allowing league members to change league settings, such as Skill Level, in multi-user leagues where only the commissioner should have that ability
♦Fixed an issue preventing a player’s X-Factor ability from appearing on the field after the user successfully completed a break-out scenario with a player developing from Superstar to Superstar X-Factor
♦Fixed an issue causing a user-controlled QB to have their Kicker/Punter show up as a mentor when injured
♦Fixed various typos in text message conversations
♦Fixed an issue causing the ‘Mossed’ ability to display the ‘Double Me’ icon on the field
♦Fixed in issue causing the incorrect team’s art to show up in a weekly news article
♦Fixed some typos and grammar errors in Play Now Live match descriptions

Playbooks Update

♦New ‘Nickel Triple’ defensive formation added to Bears, Giants, Redskins, Texans
♦New Nickel 2-4-5 Odd defensive formation added to Bears, Buccaneers, Cardinals, Packers, Panthers, Ravens, Titans
♦New Goal Line 6-2 defensive formation added to all team playbooks
♦Added 3-4 Odd defensive formation to Panthers
♦Added 3-4 Under and 3-4 Over ED defensive formations to Chargers
♦Added 3-4 Bear formation to Cardinals, Buccaneers, Dolphins, Lions, Packers, Patriots
♦Added 4-3 Odd defensive formation to Jaguars, Saints, Vikings
♦New Taysom Hill formations and packages added to Saints: Unique package adjustments in ‘Taysom Hill’ formation that allows the QB3 to be subbed into multiple offensive skill positions (Taysom Hill HB, Taysom Hill TE, Taysom Hill WR)
♦Added I Form Wing offensive formation to Bills
♦Added I Form H Slot offensive formation to Cowboys
♦Added Gun Doubles ‘RPO Zone Peek’ and ‘RPO Read FL Screen’ to Bills
♦Added Wildcat Patriot offensive formation to Patriots (This is the same as the ‘12 Gauge’ formation from the Falcons playbook, reflecting the trade of WR Mohammed Sanu)
♦New RPO play ‘Gun Doubles Y Off RPO Zone Y Peek’ added to Chiefs, Colts, Eagles
♦New RPO play ‘I Form Pro Bills RPO Alert Z Lookie’ added to Bills
♦New RPO play ‘I Form Wing Power Alert Smoke to Lookie’ added to Cowboys, Raiders
♦New play ‘Gun Stack Y Off Red Zone HB Scissors’ added to Packers playbook (This is the play the Packers used on first-quarter TD pass from Rodgers to A. Jones vs. Raiders in Week 8)
♦Fixed issue preventing some plays from showing up correctly in the ‘Offensive Concepts’ tab
♦Fixed issue causing some player icons in the formation play-art to be off the screen
♦Fixed issue with Gun Empty audibles in combination with Formation Subs that allowed receivers to get placed at running back
♦Fixed issue with some Jet Touch Pass plays counting as running plays rather than passing

Gameplay Updates

♦Updated ‘Nasty Streak’ ability so it will not activate when used by player out of position
♦Updated counter for ‘Threat Detector’ ability – can be countered/hidden on defense by using the ‘bluff blitz’ hot route
♦Added logic to contextually slow down AI-controlled zone-coverage defenders’ break on the throw when they are not facing the QB and/or moving at speeds too fast to quickly change direction
♦Fixed an issue allowing the offense to call a timeout after having already started the kick meter
♦Tuning to increase defensive reaction to running plays for deep zone safeties in Cover 4
♦Tuning to reduce release time on TE block-and-release mechanic
♦Fixed issue that caused AI-controlled ball carriers to rarely use special moves
♦Fixed issue preventing specific sack animations that appeared as fumble from registering as fumble
♦Fixed multiple issues with the ball bouncing around in players’ hands in various states
♦Fixed multiple issues with the ‘Special Check’ for Cover 4 Palms plays vs. hot-routed swing routes and Trips sets
♦Fixed issue preventing an additional defender from triggering tackle during broken tackle
♦Fixed rare issue causing the ball warp to the ground when throwing on the run, near the sideline
♦Fixed rare issue causing the ball to warp to midfield when using the pump-fake mechanic while being sacked
♦Fixed issue allowing the offense to snap the ball before the QB was set when playing on Arcade game style