Third patch details for MLB The Show 20

Posted March 28th, 2020 at 9:45 am

A series of patches have already rolled out in these very early days of MLB The Show 20. The first ones addressed a number of issues that had been identified and adjusted hitting difficulty. A third post-release patch just arrived and affects pitching and hitting in online play and makes a change to throw meter accuracy.


♦In multiplayer games, slight increases made to pitch accuracy across all interfaces, including accuracy increases to perfect pitch inputs.
♦Slight increases to exit velocities in competitive multiplayer.
♦Fixed an issue where an Outfielder would not lock in when trying to set up for a routine high fly ball, which resulted in the user losing control of the player.
♦Button Accuracy with Throw Meter turned OFF was resulting in too many perfect throws. This has been fixed and adjusted for balance.
♦Fixed a rare occurrence with button accuracy where the ball would not go to the intended target.
♦When pulling back late on a bunt, batters were often hit with the ball. We’ve adjusted the animation times so this should happen less frequently.
♦Fixed a rare situation where base hits could erroneously be called a fielder’s choice.

Road to the Show

♦Fixed an issue where the weights would become stuck while playing the Squats and Strength mini-game.
♦Fixed various spelling errors and minor UI issues.

User Interface

♦Batter walk-up stats in Franchise, MTO, and RTTS are now properly displayed.
♦Fixed an issue where the Pause Timer was not displaying when a user was reviewing their Bullpen in online games.
♦Swing/Pitch info will now not display when selected “off”.
♦Fixed an incorrect error message that was being displayed when trying to add a player from a pack that was already in your squad.
♦Various other minor UI corrections.


♦Fixed an issue where two-way players were causing year-to-year saves to not load correctly in Franchise and Road to the Show.
♦The trophy “Silver But It Feels Like Gold” should now unlock as intended.
♦Users will now be able to set a secondary position for a two-way player.
♦Various crash fixes.