Extended look at the gameplay changes coming for Madden NFL 21

Posted June 23rd, 2020 at 9:15 am

Early last week EA Sports unveiled the primary new features for Madden NFL 21. That news came prior to the next-gen PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X debut trailer and info on hardware-related enhancements but the basic game details will be essentially the same regardless of which system or generation it is to be played on.

It was an underwhelming if not disappointing initial reveal of things that have all seemingly been promoted for past Madden titles. Now the publisher has rolled out what is said to be a more extensive dive into what to expect in terms of gameplay improvements with a follow-up trailer. Somehow it is still shallow and manages to look just like Madden 20.

♦New Pass-Rush Control: New defensive line mechanics that make playing as a pass-rusher more responsive and more fun to play.
♦Ball Carrier Skill Stick: Two new moves that the skill stick unlocks including the side hurdle and the dead leg.
♦Realistic Open Field Tackling: Give defenders more control and a better chance of successfully tackling oncoming players.
♦Authenticity Improvements: New physics-based animation which will create more authentic moments when the quarterback is throwing under pressure and more.
♦Celebrate Everywhere: Total control over how your players react after game-changing plays.