Demo for NBA 2K21 now available

Posted August 24th, 2020 at 8:00 am

The demo for NBA 2K21 has gone live on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It should later today for PC as well. The download is a massive 31GB which is slightly smaller than it was with NBA 2K20 but 2-3 times larger than years prior.

Included is the ability to play exhibition games with the Bucks, Clippers, All-Time Lakers and All-Time Celtics. The MyPlayer Builder is also featured in the demo. Unfortunately there is a limit of five games that can be played. After that the 2KU options and MyPlayer Builder are all that can be accessed.

Up until last year the opportunity to try out the NBA 2K games was referred to as “The Prologue” given that the popular story mode played a role and progress that was made there carried over to the full game when purchased. With NBA 2K20 publisher 2K Sports went back to referring to it simply as a demo considering it only included two teams for an exhibition game, the character builder and shootaround.

2K Sports has stuck with the release date of September 4th even though the current NBA season will still be in the midst of the playoffs and the next season looks to start likely in late December. This gives them an opportunity to sell 2K21 on numerous occasions, both from current to next-gen and from original date to a relaunch when the new season tips off. Keep in mind that only the $100 edition of NBA 2K21 will get those who purchase the game for free on the next-gen console and the price has been bumped up to $70 otherwise on the new systems.

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