First details on Madden NFL 22

Posted June 17th, 2021 at 6:00 am

With just two months to go until release EA Sports has revealed the first details on what to expect from Madden NFL 22. When EA Play was pushed back until July it became evident a rollout would be happening independent of that and it includes news on gameplay and Franchise Mode.

-Gameday Atmosphere: connects players to their NFL fandom through the crowds, environments, and presentation elements that enhance and impact every game.

-Gameday Momentum: performance-based mechanics, including Home Field Advantage which provides a unique game condition tailored to each NFL team’s stadium atmosphere, swing momentum, bringing the tangible influence of momentum to life on the field.

-Next Gen Stats Star-Driven AI: powered by real world player data that will evolve throughout the season, changes AI behavior and team tendencies to make NFL superstars and the personality of each team more true-to-life.

-Franchise Mode: will make players feel more connected and in control of their team, with more detailed staff management and skill tree progression systems, and comprehensive weekly game strategy with a revamped Season Engine that keeps things fresh every week. Franchise will also continue to see improvements throughout the year via multiple live service updates.

Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes share the cover of the game. They return after appearing on Madden NFL 18 and Madden NFL 20 respectively. The game will release on August 20 for those who don’t pay extra to get it three days earlier on the 17th. The 10 hour trial through the EA Play subscription service should begin prior to then as well.