Live 09 OTP Against The Devs

Posted January 20th, 2009 at 7:51 pm


This Friday we have an opportunity to put together an online team play club outing against a group of NBA Live developers (on the 360). I’ll be recording the game which will be posted up over the weekend along with a recap and stats. The game will likely begin at 630ET/330PT on Friday and I will update the start time if any changes are made.

If you would like to take part leave your gamertag in the comments. If you are already a member of the Pastapadre Club then your spot will be held by leaving the comment. If you are not a member of the club then I’ll send you an invite. Everyone must have the latest patch update for the game. The first four to be in the locker room with me right prior to or at start time will get to play.

  • Da Gird

    I'm going to go off topic on this for a second….

    I have owned NBA Live for years. Never played on line because of all the horror stories I have read about the "cheesers". I love the game, its great. I love to play a sim style of ball. You know, ball movement, calling plays, pick and pops, etc. Playing realistic is fun for me. Last night, I was bored, decided to play on-line b/c I have been killing the comp lately on Superstar diff. I get Orlando, the dude I'm playing gets the Lakers. Que the cheese…….this clown decides to go 1-5 with Kobe the entire 1st Qtr, and half of the second. Litearlly scoring all but 4 of thier pts with Kobe. Dribbling around in circles until he got a lane to the hoop then either dunked, crazy lay-up or got fouled. I quit, and this was a ranked game. It was so stupid, but I kind of expected it. My question is, does this happen alot like I feel it does? If thats true, its retarded.

    • It pretty much happens when playing randoms on occasion, and its not an NBA Live thing but people complain with 2K9 as well. The games play relatively realistically when both people want to play that way. OTP actually seems to increase playing in a realistic manner which is part of why it is so enjoyable.