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  • Black Friday 2014 Gaming Deals
    Posted November 27th, 2014 at 5:00 am 3 Comments »


    Here is a look at many of the deals available on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. There will be far more games and accessories on sale than what is found in this list as it only contains those advertised specifically in advance.

    Lots of deals this year are not limited to one retailer but are being matched across many and online by Amazon. This post will be updated as new deals appear and expire. Check out another deals posting that has been put together on movies and television here. Make sure to follow Pastapadre on Twitter and like on Facebook for up-to-the-minute alerts.


    Lightning deals can pop up at any time and often run through supply in minutes. They’ll be added here as relevant ones go live and and alerts sent out through social media.

    Three months of Xbox Live Gold is going for $12.49. There’s the black, blue, or white PS4 controllers for $40. Xbox One controllers for $40 as well. Also the Assassin’s Creed Unity Xbox One Bundle for $330.

    Widely advertised console deals like the $400 PS4 bundles (with Grand Theft Auto V and Last of Us Remastered) or (with Lego Batman 3 and Little Big Planet 3) will be available at some point soon are live now.

    Only some lightning deals will be announced beforehand but a few get scheduled to go up. Friday’s lineup is more of a mystery than Thursday’s.

    Expect to see Madden NFL 15, FIFA 15, and NBA 2K15 re-appear for $30. Others like NHL 15, NBA Live 15, WWE 2K15, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 are possibilities as well. MLB 14: The Show on PS4 is available for $20. NHL 15 for $35-40 but I’d suggest waiting for lower.

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  • Press Row Hangout: Episode 57
    Posted November 26th, 2014 at 2:15 pm No Comments »


    The latest Press Row Hangout tackles a number of subjects heading into the holiday including the Black Friday deals to look forward to later this week.

    Also in the lineup is a discussion on the idea that EA Sports could save NBA Live by turning it into a free-to-play game, an evaluation of post-release support from all of this year’s sports games, the Sony settlement over Vita false advertising, and reaction to the absurd nominations in the “sports” category from The Game Awards. For those who prefer to listen in podcast form the show will be made available as this week’s Press Row Podcast on Friday!

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    ♦The PRP Madden franchise draft held last night (2:16)
    ♦What the panelists have been playing (10:03)
    ♦How NBA Live could be saved (21:13)
    ♦How the sports games are faring with post-release support (36:15)
    ♦Game and console deals on the way/already here this week (46:04)
    ♦Settlement over Vita false advertising (1:00:22)
    ♦Reaction to The Game Awards nominations (1:05:28)

  • Madden NFL 15 Roster Update #14 Details
    Posted November 26th, 2014 at 11:00 am 7 Comments »


    Despite being a holiday week EA Sports has pushed out another roster for Madden NFL 15 and the consistency in updates from the company has been commendable. This one encompasses the events of week 12 of the season and those that have led up to it. Check out complete details of the update with the spreadsheet here.

    Odell Beckham Jr. is the star this week going up 4 points to 84 overall but even more notable is what his remarkable catch did for his “Spectacular Catch” rating which rises 14 points to 99. He joins Calvin Johnson and Alshon Jeffery as the only players in the game with 99 SPC.

    Notables on the rise include Tom Brady (+1 to 97), Stephen Gostkowski (+2 to 96), Matt Forte (+1 to 95), Joe Haden (+1 to 92), Terrance Knighton (+2 to 90), Justin Forsett (+3 to 86), Ryan Tannehill (+2 to 85), C.J. Anderson (+4 to 79), Chris Clemons (+3 to 79), Tim Wright (+3 to 78), and Isaiah Crowell (+3 to 76).

    Among those seeing their ratings drop are Cameron Wake (-1 to 96), Jason Peters (-1 to 94), Brandon Marshall (-1 to 93), Jason Witten (-2 to 92), Matt Ryan (-1 to 89), Andre Johnson (-1 to 89), Percy Harvin (-1 to 89), Vernon Davis (-2 to 87), Logan Mankins (-2 to 87), Frank Gore (-2 to 86), Randy Starks (-3 to 86), Jahri Evans (-3 to 85), and Robert Griffin III (-1 to 79).

  • The Daily Dish for 11/25/14
    Posted November 25th, 2014 at 6:44 pm 1 Comment »


    In the last Daily Dish of the week due to a holiday break there’s quite a bit of news to go over. The player likeness update for Madden NFL 15 is back out, FIFA 15 has received another significant patch, only a few days remain to prepare for Black Friday deals which now also creep into Thanksgiving day, a digital deal worth considering went live for EA Sports UFC, and legends DLC (unclear if free or paid) will be coming at some point next month.

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    Referenced in the video
    ♦Tonight’s live Press Row Hangout
    ♦Madden NFL 15 Player Likeness Update
    ♦Digital Deal on EA Sports UFC
    ♦FIFA 15 New Patch Details
    ♦Pastapadre Twitter

  • Another Patch Out Now for FIFA 15
    Posted November 25th, 2014 at 2:00 pm 1 Comment »


    A huge patch released today for FIFA 15 on on all systems. It appears to incorporate community feedback in addressing issues and balancing concerns while also making some additions to the game. This marks the third patch for XB1/PS4 and the second for 360/PS3.  Read more

  • Digital Deal on EA Sports UFC
    Posted November 25th, 2014 at 12:30 pm 2 Comments »


    Both Microsoft and Sony are running digital game deals this week. Among them is EA Sports UFC which stands out as a fantastic value considering the circumstances.

    UFC released only five months ago and a sequel isn’t coming until 2016 so there’s still a long time ahead where it will retain its relevance. Five patches have significantly improved the gameplay and online matches as well as added in 14 fighters to the roster.

    What hasn’t changed post-release is the lack of compelling content for offline play. But at $14 (PS Plus) or $20 (Non-PS Plus and XBL Gold) its deficiencies can be more easily overlooked.

    EA Sports UFC can be bought though the respective stores or the websites with the PS4 version here and Xbox One version here. Also there’s a good chance retailers will be offering the game for $15-20 later this week if you’d rather not have the digital version.

    Make sure to look for the complete Black Friday deals posting on either Wednesday night or early Thursday and follow on Twitter for deal alerts over the coming days.

    [Update] Microsoft dropped the price on XBL to $13.20.

  • Free Player Likeness Update for Madden NFL 15 Returns for Both PS4 and Xbox One
    Posted November 25th, 2014 at 10:00 am 20 Comments »


    Three weeks ago free player likeness DLC for Madden NFL 15 was released prematurely on the PlayStation 4 and pulled soon after. EA Sports had not announced the update prior and didn’t comment on it then or since. However as noted yesterday with the release of a new patch it was quite possible that the delay in the DLC’s official release was due to a need for that to arrive first. Issues were discovered with the likeness update the first time most notably that the faces only showed up in Play Now games.

    The free DLC is back today for the PS4 and available for the first time on Xbox One. It updates over 150 player faces – though the company has yet to detail who they are there will probably be some that are noticed immediately by those who play the game often. If you identify players with new faces be sure to drop a note in the comments! The changes should apply across the whole game now including Connected Franchise and Ultimate Team.

    Grab the likeness DLC on PS4 by going to the PlayStation Store -> Search and select Madden 15 > Add-ons. On XB1 search Madden NFL 15 and its the second panel. You can also queue it up for download through the respective store websites. Here’s the DLC page for the PS4 and here for Xbox One.

    [Update] Here’s the full list of players that have new faces in the game.

  • Madden NFL 15 Week 12 Upcoming Roster Update Discussion
    Posted November 25th, 2014 at 9:15 am 13 Comments »


    With Thanksgiving this week it’s unclear if there will be the usual Madden roster update to come. In the past updates have often been skipped due to the holiday with a larger one encompassing two weeks of performances the next time around.

    Based on week 12 names to expect a rise in ratings for include Ryan Tannehill, Latavius Murray, Justin Forsett, C.J. Anderson, Eddie Lacy, Cowboys offensive line, Odell Beckham Jr., Josh Gordon, Calais Campbell, Aaron Donald, Stephen Paea, Dont’a Hightower, Justin Houston, Rolando McClain, Bobby Wagner, and Will Hill. A few that will likely drop are Matt Ryan, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Mallett, Greg Robinson, Taylor Lewan, Evan Dietrich-Smith, and Randy Starks.

    With just five games remaining in the season what players would you like to see receive a boost or face a decline in ratings in Madden NFL 15? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • The Daily Dish for 11/24/14
    Posted November 24th, 2014 at 6:30 pm 2 Comments »


    This episode of The Daily Dish features the second patch to arrive for Madden NFL 15, away kits for the two new MLS teams being leaked through FIFA 15, a recap of the last week in NBA 2K15 roster updates, and a look ahead to a live Press Row Hangout tomorrow night.

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    Referenced in the video
    ♦Live Hangout Tuesday Night
    ♦Madden NFL 15 Patch #2 Details
    ♦NBA 2K15 Week 4 Ratings Changes
    ♦FIFA 15 Leaks MLS Kits

  • Minor Patch for Madden NFL 15 Arrived Today
    Posted November 24th, 2014 at 12:30 pm 6 Comments »


    A second patch is available now for Madden NFL 15 on PlayStation 4 and will be later today for Xbox One. It’s not nearly as significant as the one released in early October however.

    ♦Fixed exploit where users were able to consistently block FGs and XPs.
    ♦Fixed an online grief caused by custom playbooks.
    ♦Made improvements to Eagles uniforms.
    ♦Added authentic patches to jerseys for Bucs, Raiders, Lions, Bills, Jaguars.
    ♦Updated suggested play calls for CoachGlass.

    Something not mentioned but that could be related to this patch is the free player likeness DLC that went out early three weeks ago. There were some issues with it, and it’s possible it was pulled because it required this patch to go out first. If it shows back up tomorrow that could explain why it was pulled then and held back.

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