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  • NBA Playgrounds 2 may be releasing sooner than expected
    Posted April 25th, 2018 at 7:30 am No Comments

    A week ago NBA Playgrounds 2 was officially announced with a stated summer release window. That would have put its landing date between June 21st and September 22nd. The game may actually be a spring release instead with Gaming Tailgate first spotting the PlayStation Store product page which includes its apparent release date and pricing.

    If the Sony page for the game is accurate – and considering they are taking pre-orders it seems reasonable to assume that it is – NBA Playgrounds 2 will release Tuesday, May 22nd. It’ll be sold for $20 which is the same price point as the first NBA Playgrounds. Even better is that PlayStation Plus members that pre-order will get 20% off to make it just $16. The game has not yet been listed on Xbox One or Steam.

    Releasing in May would make a lot of sense for NBA Playgrounds 2. The NBA Playoffs will still be ongoing with the Finals set to begin on May 31st. The Draft then will follow on June 21st with those new players becoming available to add to the game. It’ll also be able to avoid heavy market competition by separating itself to a greater degree from the rush of major licensed sports games that release in August and September.

  • If there were a 2018 FIFA World Cup game it probably would have released by today
    Posted April 24th, 2018 at 4:45 pm No Comments

    Seven weeks have now passed since the article was written about the lack of news related to a 2018 FIFA World Cup game. Absolutely nothing has happened in that window of time and this likely would have been the date the game would have released by at the very latest. EA Sports has not made any comment related to the World Cup since implying that a new game was being worked on during an investor call all the way back in January.

    The last four World Cup games have released on 4/15/14, 4/27/10, 4/24/06 and 4/22/02. That lead time before the World Cup begins was always critical because the tournament only lasts a month. After it’s over interest understandably plummets so sales had to be pushed hard for that compressed window before and during the tournament.

    There’s still time before the World Cup begins in mid-June leaving the disappointing but more likely scenarios now of downloadable content and/or Ultimate Team tie-ins with FIFA 18 on the table. EA Play takes place June 9th and that event would provide ample opportunity to promote whatever they may have planned to coincide with the World Cup should they choose to remain silent and hold back that long from revealing any details.

  • Super Mega Baseball 2 will release for free on Xbox One
    Posted April 23rd, 2018 at 7:45 am No Comments

    It wasn’t even a week ago that developer Metalhead Software announced the official release date and pricing for Super Mega Baseball 2. Due out on May 1st, SMB2 will be sold for $30 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Since then however there’s been an exciting development for those on XB1.

    Microsoft has uploaded a video featuring the announcement of Games with Gold for May 2018. Super Mega Baseball 2 is featured as one of the two games that will be free to Xbox Live subscribers who download it on Xbox One in May. After the month ends the game will be sold as normal at the $30 price so anyone with interest should jump on it immediately. The news has not yet been made official by either Metalhead or Microsoft. The video is still unlisted, and typically the reveal of upcoming games doesn’t occur until closer to end of each month. [Update] Both parties have now officially confirmed the news. Read more

  • Career Mode explained for Tennis World Tour
    Posted April 23rd, 2018 at 6:30 am No Comments

    Release of Tennis World Tour is now under a month away and publisher Bigben Games has unveiled a first look at its Career Mode. The video goes through the general objectives of Career Mode, how scheduling is broken down, management of fatigue, how earnings can be spent, and the ability to take those created players into online matches.

  • The Line Drive for April 22
    Posted April 22nd, 2018 at 9:30 am No Comments

    The Line Drive is a weekly collection of news, links, deal alerts, and updates that didn’t necessarily warrant their own postings.

    The biggest issues with MLB The Show 18 gameplay are still being investigated for fixes.
    New developer video goes over the gameplay mechanics for Super Mega Baseball 2.
    The first gameplay footage has been allowed out of the beta for Super Mega Baseball 2.
    More details on the improvements and additions being made for NBA Playgrounds 2.
    2K Sports attempting to gauge reasons people stopped playing NBA 2K18 with a survey.
    NBA 2K18’s first round playoff predictions have been dead on except for the Cavs series.
    Poll was posted on Twitter regarding how to handle the ProStick for NBA 2K19.
    The NBA 2K League has predictably partnered with Twitch to broadcast all the games.
    Details on the recently launched Playoffs program for NBA Live Mobile.
    Recent years have seen no upcoming Madden news around NFL Draft rather a wait till May.
    Instead expect another promotion featuring new rookie debuts in Madden 18 Ultimate Team.
    Sony has a sale on the PS4 game Everybody’s Golf with the price down to $20.
    Games with lootboxes including FIFA may be banned from sale in Netherlands.
    Blu-ray releases this week include Maze Runner, Paddington 2, and Hostiles.

  • Press Row Podcast: Indie Party
    Posted April 20th, 2018 at 9:00 am No Comments

    A summer of indie games is nearly upon us. Among them are Super Mega Baseball 2, NBA Playgrounds 2, and Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 and news on those three are discussed in this episode of the podcast. Also covered is the revelation that Pro Evolution Soccer is losing its exclusive UEFA license and progress in a fantasy draft being held for MLB The Show 18.

    Check out the podcast through iTunes for iOS, on Android with the Stitcher app, or with Pocket Casts on iOS, Android, and Windows. The show can also now be found on the recently launched Google Play Music for podcasts. Subscribe and review to help support the show! You can also listen with the streaming player below.

  • Pro Evolution Soccer loses Champions and Europa Leagues
    Posted April 19th, 2018 at 9:00 am No Comments

    The agreement that began in 2008 between Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series and UEFA has now come to an end and will not be renewed. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and editions to follow will not feature the Champions League or Europa League.

    Despite no longer having the license for those competitions thankfully no actual club licensing will be affected. Understandably the developers behind the game are trying to put a positive spin on the news where there really is none to be had.

    The loss of UEFA will not be an immediate deathblow to PES but obviously it’s damaging to a degree. The series is already well behind competitor FIFA in terms of sales numbers and fan awareness and losing licenses when at such a disadvantage is troublesome. PES has been trying to overcome a license deficit over recent years and despite having arguably the better playing game hasn’t been able to gain any ground. It’s also probably a safe bet to expect UEFA to now partner with EA Sports and be introduced in FIFA 19.

    While it appears PES 2019 is still on the way it’s reasonable to be concerned about the fate of the series going forward, especially as PES Mobile has proven to be a massive success and Konami has shown a preference towards mobile and casino gaming over console gaming.

  • Super Mega Baseball 2 gets its release date
    Posted April 18th, 2018 at 7:15 am No Comments

    One of the most anticipated sports games of the year finally has its official release date set. Super Mega Baseball 2 will arrive May 1st for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC (Steam) at a price of $30. Optional DLC with cosmetic customization content will also be made available on that date.

    The first Super Mega Baseball came out in late 2014 to rave reviews and even earned some Sports Game of the Year honors. The sequel was originally announced to release last September where it would have been snuffed out by all the massive licensed sports games hitting around the same time and thankfully was pushed back to this spring instead. The extra time allowed for development on additional features and the ability to run a closed beta which has been ongoing since last month on Xbox One.

    New features for Super Mega Baseball 2 include overhauled presentation, more realistically scaled player models, more athletic player animations, comprehensive customization options (leagues, logos, uniforms, gear), and enhancements for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. The addition of online brings the ability to play with up to three friends cooperatively or competitively and cross-platform play between XB1/PC and PS4/PC.

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