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  • How the Super Bowl Teams Stack Up in Madden NFL 15
    Posted January 30th, 2015 at 1:45 pm No Comments »


    Super Bowl XLIX is now just a couple days away! After two weeks of analysis and media obsession over deflated footballs and a player’s decision not to speak to the press the game is almost here. Make sure to get your fill of Marshawn Lynch though along with Rob Gronkowski in the latest Conan O’Brien “Clueless Gamer” segment which is hilarious.

    My latest piece for Sporting News breaks down how the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks players are rated in Madden NFL 15 and which team has the edge at each positional unit. The final outcome favors the Patriots 5-3-1. The result would have been the same however in last year’s Super Bowl as Madden leaned towards the Broncos then and everyone saw how that game turned out. It’s still interesting to review how players are positioned in Madden based on attributes alone and where advantages and disadvantages for the teams can be found.

  • Compete Features List for MLB 15: The Show
    Posted January 29th, 2015 at 12:30 pm 15 Comments »


    SCEA today released the full fact sheet for MLB 15: The Show. The game is now just two months from its March 31 release so this represents a significant amount of information to have already. It allows the company to expand on and showcase features and improvements in the coming weeks rather than “revealing” them each step of the way.

    The fact sheet includes more details on previously announced features and various improvements for the game. That includes licensed equipment, save migration, legends, graphical improvements, and Diamond Dynasty changes.

    There’s a ton to get excited about yet those hoping for a new commentary team, innovation within Road to the Show, or anything online-related may come away disappointed. Continue on to check out all the features and leave your thoughts in the comments! Read more

  • EA Looking Towards Future of “Free-to-Start” Console Games
    Posted January 29th, 2015 at 10:15 am 6 Comments »


    EA’s stock hit a seven year high yesterday following the report of third quarter fiscal results which highlighted soaring digital revenue. The primary drivers behind that success have been the Ultimate Team modes in sports games and free-to-play mobile games.

    The inevitability of free-to-play reaching consoles has never been more evident than now. CEO Andrew Wilson essentially laid out plans for that during the quarterly investor call. Gamespot noted the comments in an article earlier this week.  Read more

  • Release of EA Sports PGA Tour Now Confirmed to be Moving Back
    Posted January 28th, 2015 at 1:30 pm 5 Comments »


    Last month it was noted that retailers were listing EA Sports PGA Tour for a June release. Having not discussed the product for months EA had given no indication of a delay though the absence of promotion spoke for them in this regard. Multiple retailers listing its release date in June was obviously no coincidence.

    Out of yesterday’s investor call EA released the schedule of games that will have released through the end of the fiscal year. In past quarterly reports PGA Tour was listed for a Q4 2015 release (January-March) but this time it was no where to be found. After following up with the company they’re now calling it a Q1 2016 release (April-June).

    EA Sports PGA Tour will not include Tiger Woods in any capacity and now it’s worth questioning whether The Masters will remain in the product. A disastrous reveal at E3, having centered on fantasy courses, could have led to a shift in development focus resulting in this delay.

    Regardless of the reasoning EA has a big window open until Madden NFL 16 releases in late August. They have the freedom to move PGA Tour around and find an ideal date that gives it room to breathe while delivering the best quality product. The only downside to that is missing the opportunity to capitalize on The Masters in early April when interest in the sport is peaking.

  • Previewing Super Bowl XLIX with Madden 15
    Posted January 27th, 2015 at 12:00 pm 6 Comments »


    The top seeds from the AFC and NFC meet in compelling Super Bowl matchup on Sunday that appears basically even as it’s considered to be a pick’em at this point. The Seattle Seahawks are looking to become the first team to repeat as World Champions since the New England Patriots did so 10 years ago.

    Rich Grisham and I got together to discuss Super Bowl 49 while playing it in Madden NFL 15. The full game with commentary is below along with a video highlight package for those who’d rather get the quick recap of events.

  • Latest Articles Posted to Sporting News
    Posted January 26th, 2015 at 5:00 pm 7 Comments »


    Considering how offended Doug Baldwin gets by being called average, one has to wonder how he’d react to Madden NFL 15’s evaluation of the Seahawks wide receivers. They rate out one spot from the bottom of the league, even behind a team like the Chiefs that went a whole season without a receiver catching a single touchdown! Maybe they shouldn’t be higher, but there’s a number of teams then that are slightly or significantly overrated at the position.

    Russell Wilson had the worst game of his career in the NFC Championship game and still led the Seahawks on three consecutive touchdown drives to pull off the miraculous victory. He leads the league in 4th quarter comeback and game-winning drives since 2012, and has sent the team to the Super Bowl with late touchdown passes in two consecutive championship games. So how do you reflect that in Madden? He’ll be the next to get the “Clutch” trait even though his general attribute ratings dropped after the game.

    The new and likely final patch for EA Sports UFC is available now. It includes four new fighters for the roster. Anthony Johnson (who after his victory last weekend will be next to challenge Jon Jones), Eddie Alvarez, Holly Holm, and Rafael dos Anjos. That brings the total number of fighters added to EA Sports UFC since release to 22.

    Nothing new has come out on MLB 15: The Show since the PlayStation Experience event in December, and nothing significant is expected until some point in February. However an early preview takes another look at the previously announced features.

    Out of the Park Baseball will release this year with the and MiLB licenses featured for the first time. The game is due out in March for PC and likely April for the mobile version that’ll be called MLB Manager 2015.

    ♦Analyzing the standing of Seahawks receivers in Madden
    ♦Russell Wilson earning the “Clutch” trait in Madden
    ♦EA Sports UFC update adds four more fighters
    ♦Early preview of known features for MLB 15: The Show
    ♦Out of the Park Baseball series gets the MLB license

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