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  • Rocket League update has added new arena set in space and training mode
    Posted December 7th, 2016 at 2:30 pm No Comments »

    The latest free update for Rocket League arrived today and brings with it a brand new arena that is set in space. Developer Psyonix has also delivered on a huge new feature in the form of the ‘Rocket League Trainer’ which allows you to create and share specific practice scenarios.

    There are other new items in the content update like colorblind mode, Steam Workshop support, and the ability to set preferences for arenas in playlists. Additionally a new DLC car is available for $2 which too is inspired by the developer’s mobile game ARC Squadron.  Read more

  • Madden NFL 17 has its commentary update from regular season week 13
    Posted December 7th, 2016 at 10:15 am 2 Comments »

    The 16th commentary update for Madden NFL 17 has gone out with the broadcast team of Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis reflecting on the events that took place and storylines that emerged from week 13 of the season. Madden will be receiving these real-world commentary updates regularly throughout the year which apply to Play Now and Online games. The duo is also recording additional audio for modes like Franchise and Ultimate Team.

  • Open beta begins for 3on3 Freestyle
    Posted December 6th, 2016 at 2:00 pm 5 Comments »


    The free-to-play street basketball game 3on3 Freestyle entered its open beta period today. The game is out on PS4 and can be queued for download through its store product page. Any progress made during the beta will be carried through to its official release.  Read more

  • MLB The Show 17 will be impacted by a few changes with new CBA
    Posted December 6th, 2016 at 10:00 am No Comments »

    MLB The Show 17

    It’s only December and yet MLB The Show 17 has already revealed Ken Griffey Jr. as the cover star and a new Retro Mode that will celebrate the time in which he last fronted baseball video games around 20 years ago. Outside of those official announcements however there’s a few changes that will be implemented based on the new collective bargaining agreement that will be in place for the start of the coming season.

    The changes from the deal that was just struck won’t have any effect on gameplay however they will play some role in the Franchise and Career modes. The two biggest ones are 10-Day Disabled Lists (changing from 15) and home field advantage in the World Series being determined by record rather than the All-Star Game result. Others are primarily financial-based and probably won’t play much of a role within The Show’s modes. Ideas that didn’t make the cut in this CBA included an International Draft and expansion of the roster from 25 to 26 players.

  • Press Row Podcast: Around the Horn
    Posted December 5th, 2016 at 10:00 am 2 Comments »

    Press Row Podcast

    With Washington set to face Alabama in the College Football Playoff, Press Row Podcast host Bryan Wiedey is looking forward to a month of jousting with now-enemy Rich Grisham. After opening with some college football talk the two transition to an in-depth discussion on the just completed ‘Madden Classic’ eSports event. Topics broached later in the episode include how Golf Club VR and NBA 2KVR have been received, the shaky debut of NBA 2K17’s Park After Dark feature, MLB The Show 17’s announcement of a Retro Mode, new DLC on the way for Forza Horizon 3, and the release of a free-to-play version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017.

    Check out the podcast through iTunes for iOS, on Android with the Stitcher app, or with Pocket Casts on iOS, Android, and Windows. The show can also now be found on the recently launched Google Play Music for podcasts. Subscribe and review to help support the show! You can also listen with the streaming player below.

  • The Line Drive for December 4
    Posted December 4th, 2016 at 12:45 pm 7 Comments »


    The Line Drive is a weekly collection of news, links, deal alerts, and updates that didn’t necessarily warrant their own postings.

    ♦EA in a rough spot as the Madden Classic Final turned on a play where the QB glitched.
    ♦MLB The Show 17 will let gamers play like it’s the ’90s again in new Retro Mode.
    ♦NCAA Football 14 correctly predicted the three big conf. championship games.
    ♦A brand new episode of the Press Row Podcast just went live earlier today.
    ♦Pre-orders for MLB The Show 17 are available for to 20% off with Amazon Prime.
    ♦More details on how the new Ultimate Team Seasons mode works in Madden NFL 17.
    ♦Another roster update has gone out in NHL 17 for several leagues across the world.
    ♦Content calendar lays out what to expect for Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 16.
    ♦Steep is out now and there’s even a Season Pass to be detailed for the game.
    ♦The pricey F1 2016 has now launched for Android after earlier having gone out for iOS.
    ♦Forza Horizon 3 took home the Best Sports/Racing trophy at The Game Awards.
    ♦Blu-ray releases this week include Jason Bourne and Cubs World Series highlights.

  • First trailer for MLB The Show 17 reveals new Retro Mode
    Posted December 3rd, 2016 at 12:00 pm 19 Comments »


    Today at the PlayStation Experience press briefing developer Sony San Diego unveiled the first trailer for MLB The Show 17. When Ken Griffey Jr. was announced as the cover athlete many wondered if there would be more to it than just his inclusion in Diamond Dynasty and as a free agent in Franchise as has been the case with other legends. They have in fact tapped into the past beyond just that with the introduction of a Retro Mode.

    Please enable Javascript to watch this video

    “Retro Mode allows you to move the pitcher across the pitcher’s rubber and move around the batter’s box with ease, classic on-screen displays, an old school soundtrack, unique sound effects, a throwback pause menu and more. It’s entirely separate to the popular Road To The Show, Diamond Dynasty and Franchise game modes. This new way to play MLB The Show is designed to be a fun, throwback game mode that instigates battles on the couch with friends.”

    MLB The Show 17 will release on March 28. Amazon is offering pre-orders at a discount of 15-20%. The standard edition goes for $48 to Amazon Prime members or $51 without it. The MVP Edition with bonus content is $56 to Prime and $59 without. That one includes 5K Stubs, Gold Season Starter Pack, Sponsor Pack, 10 Standard Packs, limited edition steel book, and PS4 themes for every team in the league.

  • December Gauntlet has opened in MUT
    Posted December 3rd, 2016 at 10:30 am 2 Comments »


    The new month brings with it yet another Gauntlet for Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team. The Solo Challenge content for MUT this year has been great and that continues with a new stretch of them for the month that pays out big rewards.

    Those who complete the entire run of 60 challenges will earn over 100K Coins and 30 different packs. The final reward is a 91 rated Rob Ninkovich which unfortunately isn’t all that enticing considering his 3-4 Chemistry and only 79 Speed but the card will be auctionable.

    Once again there are 20 individual challenges broken into Passing, Rushing, and Defense. All are set to Pro difficulty and most are will be manageable, however the defensive one has a few that can prove exceptionally frustrating with tasks like having to force three incompletions on the first three plays and having to intercept a pass on the first three plays.

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