Potential Features for NCAA Football 11

Posted November 28th, 2009 at 12:00 pm


A survey distributed by EA may have provided some insight into improvements and new features that are being considered for NCAA Football 11. The questionnaire asks for a selection of the top three out of 13 choices. Included are things like an Athletic Director mode with stadium creator, authentic team entrances, and ESPN style TV presentation. While there is no guarantee any of the options will make it in the game it does stand to reason that some of them will.

Of the possible selections I would probably favor the locomotion gameplay, authentic offensive styles of play, and ESPN broadcast presentation. NCAA Football’s problem isn’t a lack of features or modes. There is arguably no sports game that can match NCAA Football 10 in that regard. It is the lack of enhancements directly related to gameplay and the weak representation of college emotion.

Continue on to view the entire survey. Leave your thoughts in the comments as to what you think of the possibilities and if there is anything that should be considered in addition to them.


  • Mike

    There are so many bad ideas in NA1372's post, that I don't know where to begin.

  • tomp

    puttt alllll of it in.. EA needs to step it up i.e. dynasty mode



  • CrooK139

    I for one would love to seeall new espn style tv presentation, the authentic offensive play would also be a great add to the game but to throw it over the top would be to install coaches and cordinators on the side lines. if you take that along with majority of the madden 2010 detailed grphics i think that you would have a hit college game not to mention the pro tak and locomotion game play style of game play. game speed can be tweeked to mach madden's 2010 after all the nfl is alway preaching about how thw pro game is faster than the college game.I would also like to see the real grass effect come back the rainy game just are not the same without the mud a grass coming up as players get tackled uniforms just dont get dirty anymore what happened.

  • dueceswild969

    I would love to see in-game “save”. I want to be able to save at anytime in the dynasty season, especially while playing a single player game against the computer. I find myself going through the season with recruiting and such and notice how easy it is to stop at anytime. This gives me flexibility to stop when someone in my family needs my attention. But I have to dedicate an hour of my time if I want to play a game. I find myself going weeks or months without playing because I don't have exactly a whole hour to dedicate to the game. If I could save the game anywhere and anytime, I think I would play in small spurts consistantly and stay addicted to my gaming experience.

  • cody

    How about a playoff system 😛

  • Bobby

    I think you should have a segment called team progression. Its where you progress your team right but instead of your team having seniors on it they are all freshmans and you have to get them better by doing practices, drills, and work outs.

  • Fox

    How about take out all the BS features, enhance Teambuilder, and give us all of the above except the QB angle.

  • Fox

    How about take out all the BS features, enhance Teambuilder, and give us all of the above except the QB angle.

  • Fox

    How about take out all the BS features, enhance Teambuilder, and give us all of the above except the QB angle.

  • david

    all this stuff should already be in the game,after ncaa football 2006 came out for the ps2 easports took a few dozen steps back.and i guess they finally see that the game has shit for the last four years.im trying to get ahead of myself though it will remain to be seen

  • Caleb

    Here is what I would go with(not counting what's already been added):

    1) All-New Athletic Director Mode with Stadium Builder
    2) More than 30 authentic team entrances and traditions
    3) Spread and No-Huddle Spread Gameplay
    4) Make last minute changes based on what you see
    5) Coaching Carousles at end of season

  • milldog

    i especially like the qb camera angle, AD mode with stadium builder, ESPN style presentation, team entrances, and coaching plays telling you where to throw and stuff

  • lyle

    can you put all the fcs schools on ps2 not just some of them i want to play cal poly but they are not on ps2. thanks

  • Nd_rocks

    they should add assistant coaches, the Florida coaching staff is obviously better thanmost WAC team's coaching. That makes a huge differance in real life

  • Sanders8678

    Is there a way to find out what teams play for the rival game trpohy?