NCAA Basketball Series Officially Canceled

Posted February 10th, 2010 at 11:02 am

It was just a matter of time until EA Sports confirmed the cancellation of the NCAA Basketball franchise. On Monday I outlined all the indications that resulted in the conclusion that the series would not continue past this last release of NCAA Basketball 10. EA has now made a statement to Game Informer to put whatever question remained about its status to rest.

We do not have an NCAA Basketball game in development at this time, and we’re currently reviewing the future of our NCAA Basketball business. This was a difficult decision, but we remain a committed partner to the NCAA and its member institutions.

There was no exclusive license involved here but only EA Sports was willing to meet the CLC’s licensing costs. All the issues that prevented NCAA Basketball from being a success will likely discourage another company from jumping in given the current environment. I’ll likely write up a more detailed look at the future of college basketball games soon, however the biggest issues come down to low sales with little prospect for growth and the active lawsuits against the NCAA and how players are represented in video games.

  • Lake Allen

    So no March Madness edition this year?

  • at23steelers

    Even with the lack of customers from this game, I like what they tried to do presentation-wise, to show other EA sports title, what the expectation is for this coming year concerning presentation.

  • I think most people appreciated the presentation attempt and hope that it was just a precursor to what they'll do in other titles within the next few years.

  • I was just wondering this myself. I'm not sure if we would've heard about the MME by now or not. I tend to think though EA would have mentioned it rather than make it seem like everything to do with NCAA BBall was dead with that statement.

  • The presentation attempt was good. It's sort of sad to see these games being cut. I understand why they do it, but you now start to wonder what's next.


    How was the commentary anyway? Did each broadcast team have different lines or was it just different guys saying basically the same things?

  • danimal66

    How about they patch the freezing, would of like a response to that. As it stands it's an broken game on the 360.

  • Totally understand that unfortunately they chose not to support the game post-release. I reported a long while back that they would not be patching the game regardless of what issues came up. That they abandoned it like that made it obvious they didn't care because the devs were moving on to different projects.

  • They differentiated pretty well but with two commentary teams they weren't especially fleshed out. Especially the CBS commentary with this being just the first year of it. The ESPN commentary had a bigger library.

  • sroeland

    I think the major issue that will come up, as touched on in the article, is the lawsuit business.

    If guys like Sam Keller and Ed O'Bannon want to get paid, it's almost a foregone conclusion that more former athletes will step up and join them.

    Thanks to the money-hungry NCAA (who don't want to share revenue) and former NCAA athletes (who are looking to make a quick buck) the future of all NCAA video games is seriously in doubt.

  • Frogg

    I'm really not the liking the business side of things surrounding sports games as of late. Its seems as if sports titles are the riskiest ones to create.

  • okafor43

    Now with the lawsuits and the damn license fee it is.

  • da da dada da da ESPN

    damn that sucks guess NCAA Football 11 is canceled next if there are no updates. sad day

  • I don't know if I'd say they're risky, if anything they're predictable. So predictable that either a game works in this market or it doesn't. And the companies are cutting rather than investing and trying to grow them because they don't see a way to gain much.

  • NCAA Football is safe because it sells something like eight times as many copies as NCAA Basketball. All these headaches are too much for such a small game, but NCAA Football is still a big franchise.

  • HustlinOwl

    Once again with this news I will be no longer purchasing EA Sports Titles post release support for this game is really sad, they sell us a game with numerous bugs and glitches then just turn their backs on their customers. Currently in year 4 of my dynasty and I am absolutely loving this game and could see sales spike within the next couple months as tournament time approaches.

    I am not only boycotting EA Sports games, but I have been disappointed by a lot the sport titles this generation which takes time away from me playing MLB The Show. Not this year however, I am going to try to complete a good 5 years of dynasty play.

  • skihawks

    I am still playing this game. I thought this year's game was one of the best in the series. Although it has flaws it is fun as heck to play.

    It is hard to imagine no NCAA college hoops games. I wonder if EA could release Coach K for download?

  • skihawks

    I have the 360 version have not experienced the freezing issue that many have encountered…

  • krunchybox

    I don't think that another company will be discouraged from making a NCAA basketball game just because EA's failed. EA's failed because of what they did with it. 2K's CHoops game was definitely the better game and the more popular one of the two. If 2K would pick the title up again, they have a better chance at success with it again.

  • arod111

    So does this mean mabey just mabey 2k can make a college basketball game

  • sroeland

    You are very lucky…I couldn't finish a game without it freezing. Plus, it would always lock up right after the final horn sounded and the bench was shown. Pretty cool.

    Since EA is not supporting NCAA 10, I have traded it in and used the credit toward MLB 10 The Show.

  • lynn

    Only if they think they can turn a profit on it, and I don't see that happening anytime soon. Maybe a company will give this a try in a few years, but I wouldn't expect to see anything in stores for quite some time.

  • juan deleon

    pasta, any word on the kurt warner situation? or are they hiding out??

  • lolo

    When you half-ass the the game nobody will buy it .. So scrap it I guess

  • deepen03

    exactly, and 2k made a smart move by canceling college hoops 2k 2 years ago as well. They need to concentrate on the NBA and make those games better.

  • gomagic

    everyone loved 2k8 but sales sucked anyway. When a sport is only relevant nationally for 3 weeks a year, the video game market wont invest in it.

  • jusmegamer

    Unlike 2K, EA needs to cancel this because it was a bad product, sorry to be truthful.

  • arod111

    Yea but you dont think 2k wouldnt make a profit off of this it would be sold pretty quick

  • Root

    i will tell you all what really killed this title…when people spent $60 on a game..especially a college product we expect our progress proceed into the professional level…in college football the players are transferable into the madden franchise mode which keeps madden fresh…but it gives people motivation to play the college game….in ncaa they did not allow us to have draft classes from ncaa transfer into nba live…in ch2k8 they did allow us to import draft classes into nba 2k8…that was the main reason i played ch2k8…and it happend to be a great game too!..lets get it 2k…go get the license!!!!

  • gomagic

    but with 2k, people didnt buy a good product. so it doesnt really matter. college basketball just isnt that relevant except in march.

  • thats terrible ncca 10 is a great game hands down

  • ekslavis34

    college hoops 2k11 pleeaassssee!!!!!!

  • Fabian aka fabby

    well here comes NCAA 2k11. Nice move by 2k sports they made EA tap out so they could have the market all to themselves.

  • Quan

    I made guessed NCAA Basketball 11 would be canceled today b4 I even seen this article. I was saying after looking at the sales for NBA Live 10. I was like man I know NCAA Basketball is canceled next year. Because they sell at lower rates then Live. That was just this afternoon I said that. I was searching NCAA Basketball 11 canceled on google today to confirm my theory. I couldn't find anything, but I said their is no way EA brings that game out again. Pasta u just officially confirmed what I discovered today that had to happen. No more NCAA Basketball EA games. Plus I remember hearing how low they sold last year. My theory was correct. I hope 2K can bring back College Hoops though.

  • okafor43

    Last years game was one of the worst, and this year is just as bad other than the presentation. No decent college basketball game since ncaa 2k8 hoops and EA hasnt made a popular game since Coach K, but I would want it if it was a down loadable game.

  • okafor43

    Dont understand what they doing at EA. They suck in Nba live sales why havent they canceled that also? And now they will produce a wii exclusive Nba jam. Most people that I know of dont even own a wii !!!

  • Its probably on its last legs. EA doesn't want to give up a flagship title though. Its hard to claim they're really EA Sports if they didn't have an NBA game.

  • smokez4dayz

    EA bball is so trash. Im glad. when will they discontinue LIVE? dont tell me about big company and they will be around long and yada yada and money. EA is losing money, by the boatloads, pick up business section. They need to kill some of the weaker brands like LIVE and Fight Night. They need to somehow get back into baseball. College sports should be killed off to. EA MMA should be a one title thing. Focus on MADDEN and TIGER WOODS and FIFA. Competition has not been kind to EA. They are copiers and followers, they no longer innovate, and are just hanging on their fading popularity. It happens. Tastyee used to make bread. Maypo was the number one hot cereal. Levis was the 1st Denim Jeans. Everyone doesnt stay on top. Popeyes is the favorite now and KFC is in second, where im from. Trends change. and EA is no longer the automatic go to for hot sports. UFC and 2K10 proves that.

  • Keith.

    There probably wouldn't even be an EA Sports anymore if EA hadn't bought the NFL exclusive license a few years ago. 2k was narrowing the margin on sales at the time that happened, and God knows if Tiburon was still competing against 2k's football game, it would be no contest. With NCAA basketball gone, NCAA football and NBA Live on their last legs, it very well could've been the end for the self-proclaimed king.

  • Kevin

    I think this is a tough situation for any business. Lets face it, the average fan just doesn't care about college basketball enough to buy a 60 dollar game. Maybe lower the price to 30-40, maybe make it so March Madness is the focal point to the game. I dont know the answer and obviously EA doesn't either. Me personally Id only buy a college basketball game to A) Upload college rosters to the NBA game. and B) for March Madness. Like I said maybe this can be done by some company. Maybe have it be a Download-only game with only a March Madness mode.

  • Zach

    Your right, I haven't got EA's college basketball game but if 2K came out with on I would get it.

  • Zach

    Thats not true few people had PS3's at the time and there is a lot more in homes now. Also I think the 360 was just going into the RRoD period when that game was released. They could sell the game but its going to take some real promoting.

  • Zach

    Hell yeah your right if other companies could make NFL and NCAA football games EA Sports would be done. I got NCAA 10 and don't play it anymore its trash. Now after playing Madden a lot its garbadge too, EA can not make a good sports game.

  • thegame91

    They're experiencing low sales because the game is strictly distributed only to the United States Region … NCAA Basketball is awful when it comes to graphics and animation ! When you play 2k you feel the weight of the player, you feel the rhythm and the animations aren't that fast as in EA's game … I sure hope that 2k Sports take a serious look at the NCAA series ( God, pls make it Region Free !!! )

  • zel

    If they make a 2k11 college hoops i promise ill buy 3 of them to get the sales up

  • zel

    If they make a 2k11 college hoops i promise ill buy 3 of them to get the sales up

  • Kris

    I have had the freezing problem. Multiple times unfortunately! My biggest issue with this game is a different glitch that I've been experiencing. I've been looking to see if anyone else has mentioned it, but no one has! I've started 2 different dynasties and I've had the same problem twice. In year 2, I can make substitutions happen once and only 1 time! No substitutions after halftime at all. I can sub them in on the substitution screen, but the current players on the court remain. Its done it with 2 different teams, all in year two! Am I the only one that this has happened to?????

  • Gwbush

    I just got it for my birthday two days ago and immediately had the substitution problem. I have auto-sub set to OFF. This is a real pisser.
    Seems like a reasonable class-action suit if the game doesn't play as advertised. You just can't bundle some bad code and sell it, then say “oh, sorry”.