MLB 10: The Show Team Rankings

Posted February 18th, 2010 at 12:21 pm

SCEA has released the list of team rankings for MLB 10: The Show. Different from most games The Show doesn’t display numbered ratings for teams but instead shows their ranking in the four categories of overall, defense, pitching, and batting. Continue on for the full list and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Overall – Defense – Pitching – Batting

Yankees 1st – 6th – 1st – 1st
Red Sox 2nd – 1st – 3rd – 2nd
Phillies 3rd – 5th – 7th – 3rd
Dodgers 4th – 4th – 2nd – 10th
Rays 5th – 8th – 12th – 5th
Braves 6th – 22nd – 4th – 9th
Angels 7th – 16th – 10th – 7th
Rockies 8th – 24th – 16th – 6th
Cubs 9th – 26th – 9th – 8th
Rangers 10th – 11th – 23rd – 4th
Diamondbacks 11th – 27th – 5th – 13th
Twins 12th – 23rd – 11th – 11th
White Sox 13th – 7th – 6th – 18th
Giants 14th – 21st – 13th -16th
Blue Jays 15th – 10th – 25th – 12th
Cardinals 16th – 13th – 15th – 20th
Mets 17th – 2nd – 22nd – 15th
Brewers 18th – 28th – 17th – 19th
Reds 19th – 19th – 21st – 17th
Orioles 20th – 12th – 29th – 14th
Mariners 21st – 3rd – 19th – 22nd
Astros 22nd – 9th – 24th – 24th
Athletics 23rd – 17th – 8th – 30th
Tigers 24th – 14th – 14th – 29th
Padres 25th – 30th – 18th – 26th
Marlins 26th – 29th – 30th – 21st
Royals 27th – 15th – 20th – 27th
Nationals 28th – 18th – 26th – 23rd
Pirates 29th – 20th – 27th – 25th
Indians 30th – 25th – 28th – 28th

  • Can you play in the same team in the show 2010

  • don

    I guess, like most people in the Tampa Bay area, you never bothered to watch the Rays starting pitchers perform. Of course, I can understand how their bullpen would be questioned to start the season, but that too has come around, especially with the addition of Soriano. To those of us who have closely followed the development of this starting five, this year's performance so far comes as no surprise. Matt Garza has stuff as good as anyone in baseball, David Price is now living up to the promise, Shields is known as “big game” for a reason, and Niemann and Davis are much better than most people realize.

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  • this team ranking is based on 5 years playing record

  • Tmiles94

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  • 4 months later

    Your objectivity wasn't too accurate, smart guy. Ha the O's are so bad. And as of today Detroit is half a game out of first in their “terrible division.” Baltimore: 28-59. And don't say that if they played somewhere else they'd be doing well. Nobody even goes to Camden Yards, and it's not because the park isnt nice. Objectivity? I bet you're from DMV.

  • redsox9

    baltimore is literally more games out of 1st place in the east than they have wins….