MLB 10 Issues Plaguing Franchise Mode

Posted March 8th, 2010 at 4:17 pm

While mentioned around release time there are a bunch of problems in Franchise mode for MLB 10: The Show. SCEA has been actively tracking  these and responding with potential fixes to be implemented down the line. The roles seemingly have reversed this year as MLB 2K10 struggles with online play and The Show faces troubles in offline modes primarily Franchise.

The roster update that came out earlier today fixed the player “potential” grades however it left the inordinate number of “A” rated minor leaguers (which are primarily pitchers). In addition to that reports have come in of trades being randomly completed for user-controlled teams, freezing occurring in particular stadiums and during a franchise at certain points, CPU making too many trades involving big name players, game attendance being reported incorrectly, and other problems involving waivers, contracts, or trades. You can keep track of everything in the thread over at Operation Sports.

SCEA is communicating well about the issues but that doesn’t mean they should be overlooked. Though worded carefully to avoid promising a patch (extra cautious after the bungling of the still non-existent demo it seems) it would be hard to imagine them not providing one. There has been no mention made of a possible timeline for release of the patch but a reasonable expectation would be a minimum of two weeks but it could stretch much longer.

  • Mike

    ya dude u need 2 calm down…

  • Mike

    and pasta can write his blog however he wants its his blog…ur pissing ur pants abt other people's opinion all u can say is i disagree but instead u blow up and think ur right abt everything…make ur own damn blog if all u want 2 do is ruin the comment section in this one

    • t. daley

      OK Mike, now that we established that you have no sense of reading comprehension, let me once again clarify for your A.D.D. mind what I said.

      I am not bashing pasta for his OPINIONS. I am bashing him for his TABLOID like drama he has turned to in order to maintain interest in his blog. I am perfectly fine with pastas opinions and often share them. However his overstating of problems in various games is both redundant and inflammatory and serves nothing but to incite the drama queen fanboys into an all out flame war. It is completely useless and non productive. Pasta doesnt need to post about bugs in a game. We all have the game and hopefully are intelligent enough to figure that out for ourselves.

      Now if he wants to share information as to when it will be fixed, then that is both welcome and productive.
      Do you understand that NOW Mike. Perhaps if you actually try reading a post you actually understand what is being said and therefore when you respond you wont look like a tool.

  • jamez

    seems like scea has listened to too much of the praise. their heads have gotten big and theyve gotten lazy.

  • bennyprofane

    One thing I noticed was that the stat overlay for each batter, the first time they come to bat, in every game, in franchise mode, puts up a comment relative to their league rankings for the previous season. For example, I came to bat in game one of my franchise, with Robinson Cano, hitting .000, and the comment said he was 6th in the AL in batting. It's minor, but still unsatisfying.

  • t. daley

    NO, you said their wasnt a SINGLE thing different in the game with respect to game play and then contradicted yourself by saying except pick off moves. You obviously have trouble distinguishing between what is OPINION and what is FACT. Your statement wasn't opinion is was plainly a False statement.

    An opinion would be stating that Sony didn't make enough changes in this years version as opposed to last years. That would be an opinion MIKE. I suggest you learn the difference.

  • Scott

    This can't be! The Show is always the greatest, most perfect game ever!

  • jwb787

    I experience game freezes while beginning 'advance to off season' in franchise mode. Playing as the Blue Jays. I cannot advance to the 2nd season. Also, was able to trade Jermaine Dye to LA for Andre Ethier, Ryan Braun, and Clayton Kershaw. The computer initially claimed Braun on waivers from the Brewers. Its not even close to a realistic scenario.

    I would hope a patch is released to make MLB 10 the show playable. Its currently not playable. I would add that this years's version has a slew of new Franchise Mode features that are fantastic.if only they worked.

  • tariutta

    I'm actually really enjoying the game. I play the franchise mode but I dont simulate any games….I know…baseball video games are kind of an obsession. So far, I havent had any issues…I'm still in Spring Training but no team has released anyone and all the trades were done by me. There is some unusual and pretty significant glitches with the statistic ticker showing home runs being hit even if the player grounds out, the player ratings are out of wack and believe it or not, they dont have Ryan Braun's batting stance!! They have him as “Batting Stance Style 1” which isnt even close to his actual batting stance! The commentary….needs to be redone from scratch. With all of this I still love the game! The graphics are stunning and the game play is awesome!

  • mattcolby

    You know, if they'd just fix the issue where the game just stops working on a certain date in franchise mode (same as last year's issue in RTTS) I'd be happy. I don't want to invest more time in franchise or RTTS because of the fear that the game will simply not let me continue at some point. Don't want to invest all that time again like last year.

    And as far as the trading and waiver wire issue, I wish they'd just go back and simplify everything and not try and bite off more than they can chew. Even PC text only sim games like Out of the Park Baseball struggle sometimes with these issue and these are text only games! Just give us trades and free agency and make that work correctly. Save all the other stuff for a later date when they know they can get the basics right first.

    Guess I'll have to just keep playing in Season mode. Really disappointed that they dropped the ball on franchise. RTTS is okay, but the transaction logic and progression system is just unrealistic and needs to be scrapped and rebuilt for next season. Not to mention I'm not about to get two or three years into a career and then not be able to get past a certain date. Wouldn't think anything of it if it wasn't for this happening already in franchise mode.

    And a patch? Do we really think they are going to suddenly figure it all out and get it right now? I'm sure they will try. Not holding my breath. Did they ever even fix anything last year with a patch allowing people to actually continue their RTTS players that couldn't get past a certain date? If they did, I never heard about it. What makes us think they'll truly fix anything this time? They'll try, I'm sure.

    Not bashing the game; I'm just disappointed. I love the actual on the field stuff and am still thoroughly enjoying playing in Season mode, but I really miss getting the chance to run a franchise. Going to have to just wait for April and the new Out of the Park Baseball 11. If you haven't played that one, you should defintely check it out if you like the management side of baseball. It's a text based sim but does a great job of simulating the game of baseball and the franchise mode is off the hook.

  • t. daley is a fag

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  • hilo

    All minor league pitchers throw 95 MPH know wonder why they have an A rating.

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  • mike

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  • mattcolby

    I'm sorry, but your generalizations about people playing this game are ridiculous. Not everyone buys video games to play them online. I, for one, can't stand playing online because most of the time you run into annoying 12 year olds who won't shut the fuck up and cheesers/cheaters (especially in sports games).

    In fact, I would argue it's the emphasis on online gaming that holds games back. They focus so much on that aspect they forget the basics i.e release a game without game breaking freezes, or, with features that actually work correctly. And this will also be the case with the ridiculous motion control technology. Developers spend so much time with these added elements they forget the draw of most games is the core offline experience (excluding Call of Duty and other online centered shooters)

    It wouldn't bother me one bit if they scrapped the online portion of the game and focused on improving the offline stuff. And I know I'm not alone on this. Or, they could do like Bioshock 2 did and have a different developer work on the online component and let the core developers work on producing a game that has features that actually work correctly.

    Not everyone plays this game online.

  • yep yep

    I agree 100%

    Online play for sports games is retarded.

  • mattcolby

    I'm going to have to be the one to disagree with you on that one, Pasta. If MLB 11 released next March with a franchise that actually worked correctly, a RTTS that had realistic transaction and promotion AI and not some stupid point system/goal system, that would be considered “back to the basics” but would make this game 10 times better and more appealing.

    Their “back of the box” selling point would be the revamped RTTS and a franchise mode that just doesn't have the right transaction structure, but actually works well within that structure. They could attach some new name to it like “GM Mode” or something, but say it's better than ever (reads, actually works this year!)

    The problem this year is they added the stupid catcher feature in RTTS that no one in their right mind would ever have the time to complete. Yeah, it might be cool at first, but can you really see someone playing an entire career playing out every pitch like that? I think not.

    They already have a great in-game engine. Now all they have to do is work on the engine outside the actual gameplay and they will have the perfect game. And I don't think that's boring at all. But that's only if they could actually deliver. Two years running with all these glitches I'm wondering if it's even possible.

    I won't even waste my time with franchise or RTTS this year because franchise already did the calendar glitch once where it won't let me continue, and I'm not about to invest the time and run into the same glitch again with RTTS. So I'm stuck in Season Mode. And eventually that will get boring. But them actually making a game with all the features working correctly next year is not boring in the least.

  • jwb787

    I played OOTP 9 and 10. They are great games. SCEA did a nice job on MLB 09 overall. Sportsmogul also struggles with getting the extra features (math) to work so much so that their '08 version is the same as the '10 version (very stagnant game). Good for Sony to push the envelope of features in MLB 10 — Sony has way more funds and a larger audience than OOTP will ever have so I'd expect that they would have the resources to at least make Franchise mode playable.

    I tried the latest March 9th Roster UPDATE and actually the game doesn't completely freeze in the area it did before – rather the game freezes, takes 10 seconds, and then continues.

  • Th3 FuTuRe

    I love the game, but franchise is so bugged. I picked up Rafeal Soriano, Heath Bell, Manny Ramirez ad Pujols on waivers and was able to trade for Carlos Pena, Longoria and David Price for a bunch of bums but they wouldnt do the trade for Brandon Phillips, Jay Bruce and Francisco Cordero, same thing when i traded for Reyes and K-Rod from the Mets. i picked them up from the trade block, the trade and waiver logic makes no sense.

  • Th3 FuTuRe

    I love the game, but franchise is so bugged. I picked up Rafeal Soriano, Heath Bell, Manny Ramirez ad Pujols on waivers and was able to trade for Carlos Pena, Longoria and David Price for a bunch of bums but they wouldnt do the trade for Brandon Phillips, Jay Bruce and Francisco Cordero, same thing when i traded for Reyes and K-Rod from the Mets. i picked them up from the trade block, the trade and waiver logic makes no sense.

  • jdb145

    Way too many trades during rtts!!! They need to give you an option to take trades away completely or limit the amount significantly!

  • Youdontknowme44

    Fuck that piece of shit game. It is impossible in Franchise mode. All your fucking players you just signed are all on waivers and then a whole bunch of unwanted players on your roster!

  • ImmisaImmathy