Backbreaker Release Pushed Back A Week

Posted March 11th, 2010 at 6:39 pm

The release date for Backbreaker appears to have been pushed back by a week to May 25th. Why this would be done remains a mystery but retailers including Gamestop, Amazon, and Gamefly along with gaming sites such as IGN and Gamespot all show the new date meaning 505 Games has informed them of the change. At this point a delay of a week would not seem to signify that there are issues at hand with the game as anything serious would not be solved in such a short period of time. Still this creates a problem for Backbreaker as it is now scheduled to release on the very same day as UFC Undisputed 2010.

UFC was the top selling sports game only behind Madden last year. It will likely see a sales surge even well above what UFC 2009 sold, as it faced an uncertain open being the first attempt in the franchise. Now that it has established itself, captured consumer confidence, and with the following of the sport continuing to grow it will have an even bigger opening. Essentially imagine a new attempt at an unlicensed sports game being released on the same day as Madden. That is a similar scenario to what Backbreaker has put itself in.

While UFC is obviously a completely different sport it is competition for dollars at the very same time and will be seen by many as a “first choice” purchase. For Backbreaker to come out on the same day it would mean asking many people to shell out $110 plus tax which could be too much for those outside of the small core of people who are highly anticipating Backbreaker.

This date could really damage the potential of Backbreaker sales initially. While first day/week sales are not going to be as heavy a percentage of final sales as a sequel would be, the less copies out early in its life cycle means the less likelihood of word of mouth making a significant difference. The long term performance, which could determine whether sequels are released, will be reliant on that word of mouth. An early demo will certainly be a critical element that could help to overcome issues faced with consumer confidence especially when competing for dollars with already established titles in the same time frame. An exceptional demo is a big reason why UFC 2009 exploded onto the scene and went on to become a huge success.

  • yardz23

    because both Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption is coming out May 18th.

  • rezluk

    um this game should have been released this month wouldnt have had to go againt any other games

  • asonte

    this game is going to get BURIED by UFC

  • asonte

    interesting games that should sell well but they arent sports games. you have ufc as one of the biggest sports games of the year and put your little unlicensed game up against it? great strategy

  • Kris

    looked and Blur comes out the same day also. not as big a matter as UFC is but thats a lot of competition. the 18th has some big games out too but UFC is the biggest matter here. there is a reason why no other sports games release on the same day as madden, ncaa, and so on

  • Jim

    On the same day as UFC?

    Are they stupid?

  • wrong

    a bunch of games just came out on the 2nd and 9th.. what are you smoking

  • A lower budget title coming out the same day as a bigger much widely known title is actually a good tactic Pasta that has been used in videogame biz for years…The strategy behind it is, when customers go to the store for the bigger title, they get to see the lesser known one occupying shelf space right next to the bigger title. So not only do you get the people that were coming strictly for the lesser known title, but you also get people who came for the big title and then say “hey whats thats game”(ya get what I mean) in regards to the lesser known title… If someone is truly debating how to spend their bucks between the two titles, trust me when I say the lesser known title publisher will welcome that debate taking place even if they lose out more so than win.

  • Also wanted to add the most likely reason of this push back is simply certification pipeline is probably clogged up with the amount of games coming out towards the end of May..and title like that is going to have to take a back seat to titles from publishers like Activision, 2K, and THQ and whatnot

  • gomagic

    ummm……no, thats not how it works.

    a) yes you want your game on the shelf next to the AAA title…but pretty much every store has their games in ABC order. Backbreaker with a B is very very far from UFC with a U.

    b) no one going in with the intent to purchase UFC will decide on a whim to buy some license-less game just because its $10 cheaper.

    c) very very very few people will buy both at once, which means Backbreaker will suffer from a terrible opening week. It may gain ground in the long run, but the day 1 sales will surely be poor.

    d) the biggest issue….if people arent buying it day 1, then the purchase window for Backbreaker creeps closer and closer to Madden 11, which for BB would be an absolute disaster. This little 'one week delay' could domino into a huge disaster.

  • breaker breaker 1-9

    Backbreaker for the wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!

    I'm getting Backbreaker and Tecmo Super Bowl to hold me over for football until EA's exclusive NFL license is up.

    I refuse to buy Madden anymore. Their gameplay and franchise mode is so broken that supporting them is no longer an option seeing as how they are content with that abomination of a game they put out every year.

  • GoMadden

    My best guess is that the reason why they pushed back the release a week, was to allow more time to for a demo to be sufficiently spread throughout the community. I think they learned something from the success of their Backbreaker iPhone app, and will try to get a demo out in as many hands as possible before the launch day media frenzy.

  • I could see that strategy years ago before the internet took over informationally, but for the most part these days people know what they want or have an idea at least. If they don't go in for the specific reason of buying UFC, its doubtful that a game they've never heard of, that has no history, that wont be getting a push from the store, would receive the benefit of that.

  • xconzo

    and Skate 3 as well.

  • ……

    thanks for the notice, pasta………regardless, the game will get released……can't wait!!

  • JerrySeinfeld

    i'll be downloading both

  • I think this is more of logistical move, as pairing it with UFC 2010 could potentially increase sales. This is not a mainstream game. People outside of the sports gaming community (i.e. Pasta Padre, Operations Sports etc) don't know this game exist and those are the only ones that will really pay attention when this game is released. Now by releasing on the same date as UFC 2010 there could possibly be more potential buyers when curiosity arises and they see this new football game (I know there are some that can't afford more than one game at a time, but EBGames has great trade in deals) and decide to test it out. Just my two cents.

  • You been to a GameStop lately? I've worked at one before… There is a dedicated new release section on the walls that does not go by Alphabet….Also at the POS counter the shelf space behind the register will always have new release titles there… Ive seen LOTS and LOTS of people by games on a whim, if the billions of dollars the videogame industry makes every year doesn't show you that people tend to throw money at games I dont know what to tell you…And places like gamestop preach to their employess to get trade in's to help UPT's(units per transactions)… Most of the game buying public(and I mean a very high percent) dont visit sites like these on a regular basis, which is why companies will spend more in marketing a game than actually making it…it doesn't EA any money other than salary of their community managers to tell Pasta some info on a game and have hit put the info up.

  • Keith.

    If Backbreaker is as good as some of us are hoping, and if the full customization option truly does allow us to create and download NFL teams and players, then I see this as more of a slow burner in terms of sales anyways.

    In other words, if it releases in May, and it takes a month or two for people to create the rosters, the game could still be selling in July, August and right through Christmas. Again, assuming the game is pretty good in its own right. If that's the case, the day it releases really becomes irrelevant.

  • AzureEffect

    Damn I did not want to wait another damn week for this game. I'm anxious to see if its all its cracked up to be with this engine…

  • t. daley

    To be quite honest neither of these games are in the running for my dollars. I don't follow UFC though I will acknowledge the game to be quite good. I just don't have a connection to the fighters so the game is meaningless to me.

    As far as backbreaker goes, I cant see paying top dollar for another rendition of fake football and that is exactly what it is………fake football. Sorry but no NFL, NFLPA no sale, PERIOD.

    All you have to do is look back a couple of years at All Pro Football 2k8 and that will tell you how successful BB will be. 2kfans were so elated at the return of 2k brand of football only to be ultimately disappointed. No matter how much they wanted 2k football to be good and no matter how much they wanted to like it it was destined to fail. No active NFL players, No NFL teams, No NFL stadiums equal big failure. APF2k8 lasted just one season and crashed and burned. BB will suffer the same fate with out a doubt. All along my belief is that BB is just a demo for the Euphoria engine in hopes that EA will come a knocking to purchase the rights to use in a future Madden game. Mark my words: Euphoria will be in Madden in 2012. Releasing the game in April will give plenty of time for EA to view the product, evaluate the product, and if they like it, plan and implement the product into the Madden12 developmental cycle.

  • t. daley

    I can appreciate you sticking by your guns. I dont agree with you but i love the conviction. I feel the same way about 2ksports in general. I will never buy another 2ksports game again. I am sick and tired of being duped by these frauds. This is the worst company ever run. 2ksports is the equivalent to a Used Car Dealer with there double talk.

    They do such a great job of pumping up there products and getting fanboys all lathered up just to drop the hammer on them with a pure garbage product. For me its EA in everything but Baseball. EA has been old faithful for almost 2 decades and I will stick with a proven winner.

  • t. daley

    You wont be able to download NLF teams and Players because it isn't a licensed product. You will have fake teams and fake players.

  • t. daley

    I think many of you are so enamered with this Euphoria engine that you are fogetting the most important part of a football game and that is the game of football. All the Euphoria engine will do is give the ragdoll physics of player movements. It will have nothing to do with the actual X's and O's of football.

    I am not confident that they will be able to make a solid X's and O's football game on the first attempt. Also I have heard nothing of any NFL player, or Coaches being linked to this game for developmental purposes, so the authenticity of the football comes into question in my mind.

    I think this game could be more 11v11 Blitz than a Madden style sim game.

  • They have the customization, but they are not going to allow sharing. Which is unfortunate but they are trying to avoid litigation. They've described the customization as “Forza like” which means if it is as complicated as that I won't be able to do anything worthwhile with it.

  • dagamesta


  • breaker breaker 1-9

    In the clips I have seen of Backbreaker, it is apparent that the gameplay is wayyyyyyyyyy better than Madden.

    I don't care about the NFL license, I just want a game that plays like real football

  • breaker breaker 1-9

    Euphoria isn't owned by the backbreaker team, it is owned by NaturalMotion. Much like a game engine (the Unreal engine etc), the company that owns it can license it out to other companies to use in their games.

    I'm not sure exactly which games Euphoria has been used in, but I know it was used in GTA IV to give the people their extremely realistic movements.

  • breaker breaker 1-9

    I forgot to make my point.

    My point being that EA would actually have to buy NaturalMotion if they want Euphoria.

    ANd also, I looked it up. It looks like NaturalMotion has formed a little alliance with 2k.

    In addition to GTAIV, Euphoria will be in future GTA games, will be in Max Payne 3, and Red Dead Redemption.

  • t. daley

    Ummmmm Wrong that's not how it works either. If you are going to the store to buy the known title or lesser known title than you wont even be paying attention to the other. most gaming outlets keep their games behind the counter or in locked cases, so when you go to buy your game you are just going to the register to and buy it.

    Both of you guys seem to think gamers go into the game store with out a clue of what games are out. Suffice it to say but I am pretty sure most gamers know exactly what games are coming out and when they are coming out so both your theories are unfounded. Besides they aren't competing with UFC. There competition is NCAA and MADDEN. Releasing the game in In April or May is sufficient enough time for people to buy the game and still buy Madden Later (those that are fiscally challenged). A one week delay isn't going to impact anything. Trust me noone is on the fence about UFC vs BB. Both games potential buyers have already decided long ago which game to buy.

  • t. daley

    See my previous post. No one is going to the game store, not having a clue what games are out. Both UFC and BB's potential customers are well aware when the games are coming out and most likley have it preordered already. I highly doubt someone is on the fence as to which one of THESE two games to buy. That decision was most likely made months ago.

  • t. daley

    AMEN pasta………and that douchebag AMEN RA

  • t. daley

    There are no clips that detail out the full range of the football play. You have no idea how this game will play. Just seeing a clip of 1 play being run tells you nothing other than what I stated above which is player movement.

    There is no way from any clip that has been released tha you could discern anything about the AI in this game and how realistic it will be.

  • t. daley

    EXACTLY!!!!! EA is a billion dollar corporation. I think they can handle purchasing the use of the engine. BTW starwars force unleashed and Indiana Jones title both used the Euphoria engine.

    Natural Motion are the designers of the Euphoria engine and they are the makers of backbreaker. Like anything in this world ex Unreal Engine, its for sale. So many games have and still utilize the Unreal Engine and Euphoria is the same. GT4 IS one such game and I stand behind my comment that Madden will find a way to use it if Backbreaker is a success. Natural Motion knows they cant compete directly with Madden. This has to be a showcase game to shop the Euphoria engine to Sports game develpers. If all goes well, all of our future sports games may utilize this technology and that is what will NET Naturalmotion huge profits, not BB

  • Do you honestly think one week is enough to make a difference in the $110 total that's the premise of your thesis for sales impact. Honestly Padre, the only story here is BackBreaker was pushed back a week.

  • Do you honestly think one week is enough to make a difference in the $110 total that's the premise of your thesis for sales impact. Honestly Padre, the only story here is BackBreaker was pushed back a week.

  • Absolutely. Its a big difference psychologically to have to spend $110+tax all at once.

  • I'll give you the psychology slant, that's the reason we price things at $99.99 instead of $100.00. Even still, I seriously doubt that's going to impact sales to any real measurable amount. It might impact the fringe buyers to some extent but that will be a very small amount of overall sales. I doubt BB will sell all that well. If it hits 500k, then that will be a big hit for the game. My guess is 300k to 500k sales overall in the first year.