Offseason Transactions in Madden Screenshots – Set #6

Posted April 20th, 2010 at 6:33 pm

After a period of relative quiet there has been a recent flurry of activity as teams prepare themselves for the NFL Draft. Of this set the biggest move is probably Jason Taylor, not so much because of the impact he will have on the field for the Jets or what his absence means to the Dolphins, but due to the crossing of lines of hated rivals. Continue on to view the latest screenshots from Madden and details of player movement this offseason. For previous updates make sure to check out the tag page.

Neil Rackers
Signs with Houston Texans
2 Years $4.1 Million
Final Madden 10 Overall Rating: 78

Alex Brown
Signs with New Orleans Saints
2 Years $5.5 Million
Final Madden 10 Overall Rating: 80

Ted Ginn
Traded to San Francisco 49ers
Final Madden 10 Overall Rating: 70

Tony Scheffler
Traded to Detroit Lions
Final Madden 10 Overall Rating: 78

Ernie Sims
Traded to Philadelphia Eagles
Final Madden 10 Overall Rating: 83

Torry Holt
Signs with New England Patriots
1 Year $1.7 Million
Final Madden 10 Overall Rating: 78

Jason Taylor
Signs with New York Jets
2 Years $13.75 Million
Final Madden 10 Overall Rating: 82

Adam Carriker
Traded to Washington Redskins
Final Madden 10 Overall Rating: 80

  • I love how you are so quick to get these up. Looks great.

  • Amin Ahmadi

    Hey I am wondering everyone is saying how the jets are going to the Superbowl and all this nonsense. There are going with a QB that threw 20 picks. That doesnt sound right

  • mykal94

    they were a half away from the superbowl with sanchez last year. we only expect him to get better, especially with the new additions.

  • dmitry

    2end year QB do worse their 2end year… ravens almost got their 2

  • NoFro904

    im still pissed my Lions traded Ernie Sims.
    wtf are they thinking
    We already have pettigrew. why trade our best LB

  • lolwat

    They lost their best RB for an overrated injury prone RB on decline.

  • rafael montes

    person that talkin bout jets, rookies improve alot if there not busts, especially the 2nd year, and there team is so good even with jamarcus russel they would go to superbowl

  • drewbrees9

    man please learn the difference between “their,” “there” and “they're”

  • juduking

    Actually DeAndre Levy is our best linebacker. Sims is a cover 2 linebacker and struggled in a “downhill” stop the run style defense. Did you watch any of the games last year? He struggled immensely all year, and is way too small to play linebacker for Schwartz. Scheffler is a good pick up at a very reasonable price. Hes a very good receiver and will compliment Pettigrew well. Look at it in a positive sense. You could now compare our (the Lions) offense to a few pretty good offenses in the league. Id say right now we're a running back short of being a poor man's Cowboys with their two versatile tight-ends. Just my opinion but Im happy about the deal.

  • JBreeze

    what the….FUCK are yu sayin?

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  • 20 picks, yes. But around 14 of them came from three really bad games. He only threw two picks in his last five games (including playoffs) and is 9-0 when he doesn't throw one at all. If Sanchez progresses and makes better reads with more offensive weapons (Holmes & Tomlinson), there's no reason to believe they can't contend.

    Schedule is a lot harder, though. And the pressure might be mounting.

  • is this english class 101 lol

  • yo momma

    your retarded

  • yo momma

    too bad Lions suck

  • Ian is Cumming


  • phins ftw

    yea i know and with the dolphins getting better with dansby and marshall how do they to expect to get past miami when they got sweaped last year plus there wont be any teams letting them into the playoffs this year lol

  • phins ftw

    whats with no marshall pics just give him #14 or #87 jeez no respect for the fins even tho they beat the afc championship losers twice

  • The pictures are from Madden 10, not Madden 11. That would explain it 🙂

  • whygen

    Ernie Sims isn't that much smaller that Keith Bulluck, who played well in Shwartz's scheme.

    Also, the only real thing the lions need on offense is their O-Line, they can just get a guy like Ben Tate in a later round(2nd-3rd) of the draft, they have to draft someone like Okung/Williams no. 2 this year.

  • angel1281

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